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Glycerin 2 " Alcohol, enough to make 100 The pencil is encased in a layer of tinfoil, and is indicated for use in impetigo, sycosis, cheap hoodia acne pustu- losa, and rosacea pustulosa. Inhalations for Scarlatinal Sore Throat. — Dr. A. Malinowsky {Semaiiie medieale; Revue tiieii- suelle des maladies de I'enfance, May) preconizes the following: 1^ Beechwood creosote 8 minims ; Thymol 7^2 grains : Spirit of camphor,) ^^ ^^^^ ^^^:^^^^ Oil of turpentine, \ ^'^ M. For external use. To be sprayed with an atom- izer purchase hoodia online for ten or twenty seconds every two hours into the throat and nose. hoodia 57 The Treatment of Pruritus Ani. — Dr. James P. Tuttle (International Journal of Surgery; Medical Standard, June) says hoodia p 57 that after bathing in water a? buy hoodia online hot as can be borne, the local application of black wash is excellent. In his own practice he has also found the following formula serviceable : I^ Carbolic acid 2 drachms ; Salicylic acid i J4 " Borax i drachm : Glycerin i M. Apply at bedtime and during the night if neces- sary. Methylene blue, five per cent., is also an excellent remedy. In cases in which there is fissure, or in those marked cases order hoodia of atrophic catarrh in which the mucocutaneous border cracks whenever it is stretched open, the following ointment is very effectual : !^ Extract of conium 2 drachms ; Ointment of stramonium i ounce: Lanolin i " Sig. : Apply well at bedtime and before hoodia buy having a stool. August 3, 1901.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 215 THE NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL. A Weekly Review of Medicine. ESTABLISHED IN 1864. Published by the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co. Edited by Frank P. Foster, M. D. Remittances should purchase hoodia be made by New York Exchange, post office, or express money order or registered mail. The publishers are not re- sponsible for money sent by unregistered mail. Make all remittances payable to the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co. Address all communications to THE NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL, 63-68 West Broadway.

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