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Contributions may he sent to Mr. Clintlfs I.iuiicr, Treasurer, 17 Na«suu Street, New York. TllKHAl'EUTICAL NOTES. Hydrastis Canadensis. — In a recent number of the " Tjancet," Dr. Felseid)urt;, of Vienna, is said to recommend higldy the local use of the fluid extract of Buy Ziprasidone llijdrastis canadcimis in chronic pharyngitis, whether accompanied with enlargement of the tonsils or not, and also to suggest that similar treatment might prove successful in chronic inflammatory affections of other mucous membranes. [That it has thus proved suc- cessfid is abundantly set forth in Bartholow's " Materia Medica and Tlieinpetitics."] Peppermint-water in Pruritus Pudendi. — In an article published in the " British Medical Journal " for April 14, 1888, and quoted in a recent number of the " Medical Chronicle," Dr. Aniand Kouth advo- cates the employment of peppermint-water as a lotion in pruritus pu- dendi. lie suggests that for the sake of convenience the aqua Order Ziprasidone mentlue piperita; of the British Pharmacopceia, which is somewhat bulky, be concentrated, an object best attained by borax, in itself soothing and antiseptic. Patients can make their own lotion by putting a teaspoon- ful of borax into a pint bottle of hot water, adding five drops of oil of peppermint, and shaking well. The parts affected are to be bathed with a soft sponge. If the skin is unbroken, this lotion will remove the itching ; otherwise, a preparation made of olive-oil and five grains of iodoform to the ounce should be used in its place. Peppermint- water gives the most permanent relief in the neurosal form, especially in the reflex pruritus of pregnancy. It is also eflicacious in the pruritus which occurs at the climacteric or in elderly women, in whom it may be only part of a general pruritus, besides those cases of women of all ages when the urine becomes of a very low specific gravity without any evi- dence of their having a gouty or granular kidney as a remote cause. Peppermint excels all other drugs, cocaine not excepted, in cases due to pediculi, ascarides, an irritable urethral caruncle, an intracervieal polypus, cancer of the cervix, distension of Bartholin's ducts or glands, the leucorrhoea of el}-tritis, endotrachelitis, and metritis, the irritating discharges of advanced carcinoma uteri, or a gouty or diabetic diathesis. Order Ziprasidone Online Ball's Pnrg^tive PiUs. — The fortowing formula, quoted from the " Repertoire de pharmacie," appears in the " Progres medical " Buy Geodon Online for February 23d : Socotrine aloes 15| grains ; Resin of scammony, I ^^^-^ ^2 „ Resin of jalap, S • • 1 6 Calomel 4^ " Extract of belladonna, ) , n^ .. ' )■ each 3^ " Extract of hyoscyamus) S Almond-oil soap, a sufficient quantity. Divide into fifty pills. Dose, three to five pills a day. The Use of Yeast in Medicine. — The ""[Jnion medicale" asserts that the idea of employing yeast in therapeutics is not new but merely revived by Dr. Herr, in an article which came out in the " Deutsche Medizinal-Zeitung " for September 27, 1888, with this exception, that Dr. Herr recommends large doses. Yeast was first used among Buy Ziprasidone Online prisoners and workmen as a cure for scurvy. The author attributes to it a con- trolling action upon fever. An Ointment for Burns. — A recent number of the "Union medi- cale " gives Wendt's formula for a dressing intended to assuage the pnln of burns of tlie flrnt and noeond de^reeH, made of 30J grains of hy(lrride of cocaine, Purchase Ziprasidone Online 2Cheap Geodon of lanolin. A Santonin Idiosyncrasy. — The " Practitioner " for February alludes to the iibserviilious maile by Dr. I'nderwood, of Iiond)ay, India, which were recorded in the " British Medical Journal," IHHK, ii, j). 817, in re- gard to Purchase Geodon n general measles-like eru|)tion and intense puncliform rash on the buccal and pharyngeal mucous membranes following within three hoins after he had administered a five-grain dose of chemically pure santonin. No catarrhal or febrile plicnornena were jiresent. All the physiological symptoms characteri.-*tic of santonin subsided under alka- line treatment in forty-eight hr)urs after their development. ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. No. 25!). — Our impression is that it has been done by Dr. Paul F. Mund6. Mr. Lawson Tait did it four times in his second thousand laparotomies, and one of the patients recovered. To Contributors and Correspondents. — The allenlion of all who purpote favoring us with communications is respectfully called to the follow- l ing : Authors of articles intended for publication under the head of '■'■ original contributions " are respectfully informed that, in accepting such arti- cles, we always do so Generic Ziprasidone with the understanding that the following condi- tions are Order Geodon to be observed : (1) when a mantiscript is sent to Purchase Ziprasidone this jour- nal, a similar Buy Cheap Ziprasidone manuscript or any abstract thereof must not be or have been sent to any other periodical, unless Buy Geodon we are specially notified

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