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(c), which is vulcanized to the hard Flonase 0.05 rubber so that there is no inequality at the juncture. At the upper end of the central steel rod a screw thread is cut, on which runs a Flonase Generic Price thumb-screw (a), which impinges on the Flonase Alternatives cross-bar of the hard-rubber shaft. This obturator being introduced into the urethroscopic tube, a few turns Flonase Rxlist of the thumb-screw approxi- mate the Generic Flonase Nasal Spray tip and the lower end of the shaft, causing the soft-rubber interval between them to swell out over the edge of the urethroscopic tube and obliterate it. This obturator in position is shown in Alternative To Flonase Fig. 4. I have also been able to adapt it to the curved instrument, where a well-fitting obturator is almost Flonase Generic Name an essential for easy introduction. In spite of the many and decided advances made in the urethro- scope, its use has never been very general, nor is it ever likely to become so. In the treatment of gleet by means of the urethroscope the spots of granulation are easily observable and easily medicated, and frequently disappear under the use of the applications. Order Flonase Online But they almost inevita- bly lie behind strictures, are dependent for their existence on this fact, may be almost as definitely located with Purchase Flonase Online the bougie k boule as with the urethroscope, and are quite sure to return, sooner or later, unless the exciting cause is removed. As regards the diagno.sis of stricture, for which purpose some au- thors have given Flonase Discount this instrument great credit, it is without value. We judge Flonase Acne a urethra is strictured simply because the tube will not pass some point Flonase Nasal Spray Generic in the canal ; it gives no more information as to the caliber of the stricture, the extent of the stricture, its resiliency, or the existence of other contractions below it, than can be obtained by the use of its obturator alone. Flonase Generic Equivalent False passages may occasionally be observed and avoided by its use. Foreign bodies, impacted stone, etc., are often more easily removed by this Flonase Canada than by any other means. It is valuable in the detection and treat- ment of urethral chancroids, and invaluable in the removal of urethral neoplasms. But its successful use requires considerable technical skill, Flonase Ns and a knowledge of the Flonase Generic Cost slight differences exhibited by pathological conditions of the urethral mucous membrane, only obtainable by long, careful, and patient study. So that, in spite of the very great improve- ments recently made in the urethroscope, it will Buy Generic Flonase probably continue to re- main for the most part an instrument for the Flonase Coupons Printable use of the specialist alone. 48 West Forty-ninth Street. istellang . The Health of Michigan.— According to the State Board of Health's Report for tiie four weeks ending March 30, 1889, diphtheria was re- ported from twenty-nine places, scarlet fever from thirty-two places, typhoid fever from eight places, measles from twelve places, and small- Cheap Flonase pox from five places. Mortality in Cities in the United States.— The following table rep- resents the mortality in the cities named, as reported to Dr. John B. Hamilton, Surgeoa-General of the Marine-Hospital Service, and pub- lished in the abstract of sanitary reports received by him during the week ending April 5th : g i 1" 1 i DEATHS FROM— cities. e o >• i 1 3 1 i U 5 18 '4

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