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was prompt and complete ; there was no clinical sequel of the injury by the bullet finpecia online pharmacy or finpecia cipla the jjrobe. The former must have glanced. Cjjxra|Jtutrral |lotcs. For Migraine in the Gouty. — Professor Com- bemale and Dr. L. Ingelrans (Echo medical du Nord, May 19th) recommend: 15 Lithium order finpecia salicylate 150 grains ; Water 3i750 minims. M. A tablespoonful at the principal meals. For the Pain of Toothache. — Dr. Caumarlin {Etho medical du Nord, June finpecia 1 mg i6th), in cases of caries of the third degree in which the pulp is alive, recommends the following for use on a pledget of cotton, as insuring the disappearance of pain in a few minutes : ^ Carbolic cheap finpecia acid, finpecia cost ? r 1 Cocaine hydrochloride, J °^ e^^^'i- -30 grams : Laudanum, ) r buy finpecia uk 1 Chloroform, \°^ ^^^^^ 45 mmims. M. Personal Hygienic Measures in Eruptive Fevers. — Professor Ausset {Echo medical du Nord, June 23d) recommends, with a view to assur- ing antisepsis finpecia online of the mouth in eruptive fevers, and especially in measles and scarlatina, finpecia india that gargles and mouth washes of thymolized water (i per 1,000) or of finpecia fda Labarraque's solution (25 per 1,000) be used, and that local applications be made night and morning with a pledget of cotton soaked in the following mixture : 1^ Glycerin, (of each 225 minims ; n,/c Alcohol, I Salicylic acid 15 grains. M. For Coryza. — The Revue medicate de Norman- die for July loth cites the following from the An- nales de pharmacie, of finpecia buy Milan : ^ Powdered menthol 3^ grains ; Powdered bctol 371^ " Cocaine 7I/2 Powdered roasted coffee 60 where to buy finpecia M. To be used as a snuff. Bisulphide of Carbon Water in Typhoid finpecia 1mg Fever. — Re^'ue purchase finpecia medieale for June 19th, citing the buy finpecia online Gazette des hopitaux, says that M. Bardet, finpecia uk at a recent meet- ing of the Societe de therapeutique, preconized the fcjllowing formula formerly employed by Dujardin- Beaumetz : IJ Carbon disulphide 6 drachms ; Distilled water 16 ounces ; Essence of peppermint 30 drops. M. The dose is from ten to finpecia canada twelve tablespoonfuls daily in any desired beverage. The mixture exerts a most remarkable antiseptic action on the stools. [This dose is somewhat larger than is commonly recommended in the United States.] Alcohol Pencils. — Lyon medical for June i6th finpecia price cites fn»m the finpecia hair loss Monatsshefte fiir praktische Derma- tologic, Bd xxxi, No. 117, the following curious for- mula, under the name of .9/(7/ spirit uosi d'Unna: I^ Sodium stearate 6 parts ;

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