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while the knot was slid down the shank of the forceps and on to the tissue in its grasj). By pulling on the ends the knot could then Famvir 500mg be Order Famvir Online drawn as tight as might be desired. The prong of the fork could be hehl so as to tie a knot as accurately as if the fingers were at the bottom of the cavity and unencumbered. 416 PBOCEBDINOS OF SOOIETISS. [N. Y. Mbd. Jour., .IKFKKUSON (^OlINIY. AI.AIiAMA, MKDICAI, SOCIKTY. Mtftiiitj hrlil III /iiniiiin/fnnii, Murr/i /.I, JSS!>. l»r. W. Iv W. Kavih ill tlio Cliiiir ; I >r. (iK(M!(.K S. |{i;i>«N, Sec ret iir v. Epicystotomy for the Establishment of Permanent Epi- Cystic FistulSB. hr. .1. I». S. I)avis rcpuiti'il (he liisloiics Purchase Famvir of two ra>*i'!t, as lollows: Ca8R 1. I'rontatir Vf»ieiil (hlciitim : I/i/pcrfro/jht/ of the Famvir 250 Mg Prontatf : Chronir Vfnira/ (\ittirrh ; Su/nuipiihir. Lithotomy. — n. II., n vory larffc timii, fittyseven vcarH of ajje, a watcli- iiiakor liy trudo. Famciclovir Famvir an Atnoricaii, had lu'en a stilToror from enlai-f^ed prostato f«)r sovoii years. For five years lie had liad a fro(]uent dt'siro to iiriiialo, and for the |)a8t. two years freical fat with a tenaculum on a line with the pnbes and the bladder, Buy Famvir and by one Famvir Price smooth incision he had cut through the prevesical fat, to prevent extravasation of Buy Famvir Online urine. He had found a phosphate-of-lime calculus weighing five hundred and twenty grains lying securely in its prostatic nest, between the prostatic urethra and the Famvir Cost rectum, and slightly protruding into the viscus, which had been extracted and the bladder thoroughly washed out with sterilized water. The superficial wound had been so closed by Cheap Famvir two stitches at the lower margin and one at the upper as to leave a fistulous tract of equal size, extending from the bladder to the juncture of the middle and upper thirds of the Famvir Purchase superficial wound. The wound had been kept dressed by repeated applications of ab- sorbent cotton to catch the outflowing urine. The patient, who Famvir Buy was shown to the society, had entirely recovered. The urine was normal in every respect. The bladder was perfectly under the control of the patient, and there was no dripping of urine. Famvir 500 He could throw his urine several feet from his bodv when standing Purchase Famvir Online up, or eighteen to twenty inchcH from the ubdo- mun when lying down. The painful pria[)iHm wiim replaced by un occasional sexual dehirc which was in every respect nornuil. The liest eulogy the speaker could pay to the results of the listnla in this case was the presencx' of the man who had heen operated upon, whose ijlaFamvir 500 Mg T. II. N,, aged forty-two years, a traveling man, an Ameri- can, gave a history of having Famvir Online had cystitis for twenty- two years. He had heen operated on for stricture by Order Famvir Dr. Mastin, of Mobile, in I8H(), with good results, so far as relief of the stricture was

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