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lie had sei'ti Dr. ( iriiciiing's ciihc of sliglit wlio()|)iiig-<;ougli fol- lowed by optic neuritis with perfect recovery. In such a case a diagnosis of an intracranial growth could not be made. Another oaao that had come under his observation was tiiat of a ton-year-old boy, in whom snddcn blindneHs had develo|)ed while he was in Order Lithium Carbonate Online apparently good health. There had been headache and optic neuritis, and two neurologists had made the diagnosis of a tumor. The patieiit had recovered. In the case that had just been detailed it was not justifiable to imike Lithium Carbonate Online a diag- nosis of either meningitis or a tumor. Dr. Lehzvnskv remarked that tho causes of intracranial tumor in children could easily be summed up as syphilis, tuber- cle, and trainnatism, of which there had been no history in his case. When the young man came to him he had typical cere- bral vomiting and constant headache. Tlie attack of scarlet fever had occurred fourteen months previously. NEW YORK CLINICAL SOCIETY. Meeting of Fehruary 22, 1889. Dr. W. II. Flint in the Chair. Sporadic Cretinism. — Dr. L. Emmett Holt presented a boy aged four years, born in this country, who showed almost Eskalith Cr all the symptoms typical of the disease. The parents were Swedes, healthy, well developed, and intelligent; no Buy Lithium Carbonate trace of any such condition in the family history upon either side could be learned of. The father was an artisan in comfortable circumstances. In the family there were two other children, one older and one younger than the patient, both of whom were reported to be in good health and well developed. The patient was very short, measuring Buy Eskalith only thirty-one inches, and had a large head, open fontanelle, flat nose, thick lips, and open mouth. The hair was ligiit, coarse, and straight. Behind the clavicle at Purchase Lithium Carbonate the outer border of the sterno-cleidomastoid muscles the characteristic fatty tumors were seen, nearly as large as a hen's egg. Fatty growths of a small size were also seen below the axilla on either side, and in the calves. Lithium Eskalith The belly was pendulous, the ribs were slightly beaded, the epiphyses of the different Eskalith 450 Mg bones were not enlarged, and the upper and lower ex- tremities were very short, with stubby fingers and toes, but were straight. The thyreoid gland could not be felt. The boy could stand with assistance, but had never walked. When excited he made a peculiar crowing sound, somewhat resembling that heard in laryngismus stridulus, but without any dyspnoea. He was good-natured, but very backward in mental development, and seemed rather imbecile ; he was just beginning to say a few words. He was well nourished, but suffered from habitual con- stipation. There had never been any acute illness which could have any relation to the disease. The hair in Generic Lithium Carbonate early infancy had been dark and curly ; when the boy was about a year old it had gradually become light and straight. The first teeth had appeared at the age of sixteen months. The cervical tumors had first appeared at eighteen months, and those in the axilla soon after. The former had grovv'n slowly, but were now stationary. The axil- lary tumors seemed to be diminishing. The case was of interest from its rarity, from its typical symptoms, and from the absence of any aetiological factors which could be discovered. The speaker remarked that the fatty tumors were not seen in endemic cretinism, and that the thyreoid gland was never enlarged in the sporadic variety. April 13, 1889.] PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 415 The Relations of Bacteria Buy Lithium Carbonate Online to Gastro-intestinal Diseases, especially in Infancy. — Dr. Holt read^^a paper with this title. (See page 405.) Dr. J. S. TiiAOiiER thoiiffht that experience liad taught us more, on the whole, in relation to diet and treatment in intes- tinal fermentation than the results of bacteriological study had. Perhaps in the future some practical improvements might arise from Lithium Carbonate Buy the latter. Dr. J. H. Emerson suggested that some of the old-fashioned remedies, such as the evacuants, were having their value ex- plained by the modern studies on bacteria. Dr. W. G. Thompson considered the science of intestinal medication as in great measure yet to be developed. The anti- septics given by the mouth were probably changed before reach- ing the intestine by the chemical action of the digestive fluids, besides being diluted to an extent we could not estimate with any accuracy by the volume of those fluids poured out in the successive stages ofdigestion. Dr. M. A. Starr and Dr. Tiiacheb had supposed that naph- thaline was being used to counteract fermentation in the intes- tine, or, at least, that it caused some disappearance of bacteria from the faeces. Dr. Holt said that he had abandoned Eskalith Cr 450 the use of naphtha- line about a year previously, on clinical grounds. Moreover, it had been found Eskalith Er inert as regarded any power to check the

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