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Dr. Fisher described some of his recent experiments on dogs. Injury to the parietal or temporal lobes he had found esidrix or zaroxolyn to cause rotation to the side of the lesion quite as much as order hydrochlorothiazide if the cerebellum was involved. These movements would last for several days. His researches, therefore, in an experimental di- rection would tend hydrochlorothiazide online to corroborate Dr. Dana's clinical deduc- tions. His operations were excision of the purchase hydrochlorothiazide online cortex in i)laces, with more or less laceration. Dr. Sachs thought the most im[)ortant fact that Dr. Dana had sought to establish was the termination of the vestibular branch of the nerve in the fourth and fifth temporal convolu- tions, whereas other authors had located all auditory termina- tions within the first and second temporal convolutions. Dr. Dana stated that he had made a gross examination buy esidrix of 4U PhOUh'J'JJJl.yua OF dOOJE'J/h'S. [N. Y. Mei>. Joum,, tlio internal c>ftr, but hftd found nt» si^n of iiiflatiinmtory clinnge, Tho (lortioal nn-a for tlio roclili-ar ln-iincli would romiiiii tlio Hiiiiu', liiit tlio ilistrift for the vf>.til>iilar ImjiikIi lif Ipoliivi-d to lio lowor down in tlu" toinpond lolu-. Localized Basal Meningitis and Double Optic Neuritis. Dr. W . M. l.i;.-./.\.N^K\ iIk-ii roiitl ii paper on iIiin snl.Ji'ct, and proHcntotl till* paliont buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide (wlio had recovered) that had torniod the htiNiH of his article, lie spoko at some ion^th upon the value of opiithalnioseopie examination, and emphasized the importanno hydrochlorothiazide tablets of determininjr liie presence or iihsenee of optic neuritis hydrochlorothiazide cost in every ease where headaelie and vomiting were of douhtful or obscure ori(;in. i)r. l).\vii> Wkhstku had seen the ease detailed by Dr. i.cs- rynsky a >rreat many times, and had assisted in making of the measurements. An important point in tho case was that the patient hydrochlorothiazide price never complained of Ids eyes, but of headache, and the double «>ptic neuritis was only found u|>on examination. It was very rare to see sueli cases without comi)laint of the eyes on the part of the patients, lie had seen many cases order hydrochlorothiazide online where vision had been and had remained perfect througiiout the oourso of an optic neuritis, and others with partial or total blindness, bijt recovery of vision with the decline of the disease. Many patients did not know that their vision was defective. In tliis ease vision had gone down at times to f in each eye. It varied. He thought all patients with head and stomach symj)- toms ought to be submitted to an o[)lithalmoscopic examination. Dr. (iKrKxiNti said that it was exceptional for a case of double neuritis to take the course that this had done. The ter- mination was seldom so favorable. The prognosis was always bad. We could not be hopeful when we saw a case of optic neuritis. He had buy hydrochlorothiazide observed many cases in young people where the swelling had been enormous and yet it had disnp])eared. There was i)articularly great swelling in hydrocei)lialusinternus. We might say that where there was a sudden and great increase of intracranial pressure there would be marked swelling of the optic disc. Recovery was not so rare in the optic neuritis at puberty or in the form sometimes occurring in septic fevers, lie had recently seen a case of optic neuritis in a little girl who had suti'ered from scarlatina, diphtheria, and pertussis in suc- cession, the eye disease following the pertussis. Recovery had taken place in a short time. Dr. BiRDSALL had seen in several cases a decided degree of optic neuritis, yet with vision well preserved. These cases had been particularly in children. He felt with Dr. Gruening that the purchase hydrochlorothiazide prognosis should be very gnarded. He described in some detail a case of his esidrix 25 mg own where optic neuritis had buy hydrochlorothiazide online followed a blow upon the head, and whtre recovery had taken place. There had been no loss of cheap hydrochlorothiazide vision. Dr. Gray thought it was impossible as a rule, in such a case as Dr.'s, to make a diagnosis between a neoplasm and a meningitis. There was quite a number of cases where optic neuritis had appeared after exanthemata, and at the autopsy a tumor had been found. The fact of the occurrence of scarlet fever in this particular case would therefore give additional evi- dence in favor of a neoplasm. One should be generic hydrochlorothiazide very cautious in the prognosis. Dr. J. E. Weeks believed there were certain conditions of the discs which might lead to a favorable prognosis. If there was no haemorrhage present and the discs were pale, the prognosis hydrochlorothiazide mg was much more favorable. He mentioned a case of Dr. Knapp's where there had been choked discs, and three neurologists in the city had diagnosticated tumor. The patient had, however, made a perfect recovery. He had observed op- tic neuritis after diphtheria, dysentery, measles, scarlet fever, etc. There were only three or four cases on record following diphtheria. Dr. Wrhhtku aHked the reader of the pai)er how long after Hcariel fever tho o|)ti<; neuritis had a|)peared. The I'mcsiDKNT said that the diagnoHis of a (!ir(umscribe
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