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West Bay City, Mich., March ^4, 1889. To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal : Sir : I take the liberty of reporting a case of prolonged ges- tation, thinking it may be of interest to some of your many readers. price erythromycin india Mrs. order erythromycin B., aged twenty-six years, in excellent health, was mar- ried on the 28th day of March, 1888. Excitement brought on the menstrual flow on the same day, one week earlier than ex- pected. She had always been regular. The flow continued for five days. On the 14th of April she consulted me regarding purchase erythromycin her condition, relating her symptoms as dizziness, faintness, and squeamishness of the stomach, more particularly on first arising in the morning, but she did not vomit food till the latter part of June. She felt a sense of numbness in the upper and lower extremities. I diagnosticated the case as one price erythromycin gel of pregnancy. She did not menstruate again. She felt life cost erythromycin topical on the 22d of Au- gust, and gave birth to a girl, weighing 12^ pounds, on the 18th of February, 1889, at 10 p. m. The os had been dilated to the size of a 25-cent piece for two weeks previous to her confine- ment, and she suffered a great deal of pain in the back and an- teriorly for two months previous. Eeckoning cost erythromycin ophthalmic ointment her period of gestation from the ail vent of the symptoms, April 7th, to February 18th, both included, makes 318 davs. D. A. MoTavish. Iroccetrings ai Societies. NEW YORK NEUPvOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Meeting of March 5, 1889. The President, Dr. Georor W. Jaooby, in the Chair. Hemiplegia with online erythromycin Unusual Associated Movements.— Dr. B. Sachs presented Case No. II, occurring in a child, which he had described at the last meeting of the society. The associated movements of the paralyzed hand in this case were remarkably similar to cost erythromycin eye ointment the voluntary movements made by the sound side, even to the minute reproduction of the process of buttoning the clothes, etc. Focal Lesions of the Temporo-sphenoidal Lobe, with Symptoms of Forced Movements.— average cost erythromycin Dr. Charles L. Dana reported two cases. The first was a case of abscess of the right temporal lobe, occurring in a woman of thirty- two years. It price erythromycin ophthalmic ointment resulted from a fall on the head, and developed slowly in the course of two years. The notable symptom, aside from head- ache and a hysterical mental state, was sudden forced move- ments, causing the patient to fall backward and price erythromycin philippines to the right. She was continually falling out of bed on the right side, and would sometimes perform manege movements. She had died suddenly. The autopsy had shown an old circumscribed ab- scess of the third and fourth right temporal convolutions, with a recent hremorrhage into the cavity, bursting into the lateral ventricle. The second case was one of focal meningo-encephalitis, caus- ing deep and extensive softening of the second and tiiird right temporal convolutions. The patient, a man of buy cheap erythromycin forty, had been brought into the hospital in a price erythromycin ointment condition of delirium. A cost erythromycin ophthalmic history had been obtained of an apoplectic stroke a year before. Since then he had had frequent attacks of dizziness and muscular twitchings, during which he would fall always forward and to the right. A third case of abscess of the right temporal lobe, cost erythromycin gel recently reported in the " Provincial Medical Journal," was cited, in which the patient had frequently staggered to the right. Physiologists had found a number of parts of the brain irritation of which caused forced movements — how much does azithromycin cost probability that the vestibular or space-sense root of the eighth nerve and the cochlear or auditory root were con- nected with neighboring areas in the brain cortex. Anatomic- ally it was known also that the temporo-occipital lobe was connected by a bundle of fibers with the pons nuclei and the cerebellum. Dr. L. C. Gray said it was true that the auditory nerve sub- served the senses of hearing and space, and it was quite true that deaf-mutes were never seasick, yet lesions of the temporal lobe thus far had produced only word-deafness. These cost of erythromycin 500mg were lesions of the first and second convolutions. We now knew that the auditory nerve had connections with the cerebellum. Such profound disturbances as existed in the speaker's cases were generally due to disease of the cerebellar peduncles or of the semicircular canals. Autopsies seemed cheap erythromycin to have excluded cerebellar lesion, but no mention was made of any examination of the internal ear to see if the canals were normal. The speaker referred to a case of his own with lesion of the temporal lobe with neither word deafness nor loss of equilibrium. If his con- clusions were correct, he had opened up a new cost erythromycin field in brain pathology.

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