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Army Intelligence. — Official List of Chawjes in the Sta- lioiiK and /duties of OfficerH nerving in Ike Medical Department, dnited .Slates Army ^ from March 31 to Ajjril 6", 1880 eriacta online : Alden, Chakles H., Lieutenant-Oolonel and Surgeon ; MoEi.- DEKKY, Hknhy, Major and Surgeon; Matthewh, Washino- TON, Captain and Assistant Surgeon; and Mehuii.i., James C, C^aptain and Assistant Surgeon, are detailed as members of the Army Medical Board to meet in New York city, May 1, 1889. Par. 5, S. O. 74, A. G. O., March 30, 1889. By direction purchase sildenafil citrate of the Secretary of War, the following changes in the stations and duties of officers of the Medical Department are ordered : Gibson, Joseph R., Major and Surgeon. Relieved from duty at Fort Lyon, Colorado, and ordered to Fort Sheridan, Illinois. Appel, a. IL, Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from duty at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, and ordered to duty at Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming. ToRNEY, George II., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from duty at Fort Monroe, Virglna, and ordered for duty to Fort Brown, Texas. Robinson, Samuel Q., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from duty at Fort Brown, Texas, and ordered to eriacta uk Fort Hamil- ton, New York, for duty. Par. 11, S. O. 77, A. G. O., Wash- ranbaxy eriacta 100 ington, April 3, 1889. Black, Charles sildenafil citrate 50mg S., Captain and Assistant eriacta tablets Surgeon, is, by order sildenafil citrate direc- tion of the Secretary of War, granted leave of absence for six months, to take eftect after the arrival at Fort Sidney, Ne- braska, of Acting Assistant Surgeon Robert P. Finley. Par. 14, S. O 78, A. G. O., Washington, April 4, 1889. Ball, R. R., Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to Fort Riley, Kansas, for duty. S. O. 36, Headquarters Department of the Mis- souri. Johnson, R. W., Assistant Surgeon, reports departure for Whip- ple Barracks, Arizona Territory, March 25, 1889. Society Meetings for the Coming Week: Monday, Ajrril 15th : New York Academy of Medicine (Sec- tion in Ophthalmology and Otology) ; New York County Medical Association ; ranbaxy eriacta Medico-chirurgical Society of German Physicians; Hartford, Conn., City Medical Association; Chicago Medical Society. TtTESDAY, buy eriacta April 16th : Medical Society of the State of North Carolina (Elizabeth City) ; New York Academy of Medicine (Section in Theory buy sildenafil citrate online and Practice of Medicine) ; New buy sildenafil citrate York Obstetrical Society (private) ; Medical Societies of the Coun- ties of order eriacta Kings and Westchester, N. Y. ; Ogdensburgh Medical Association; Passaic, N. J., County Medical Society (an- nual) ; Baltimore Academy of Medicine. Wednesday, April 17th: Medical Society of the buy eriacta online State of Cali- fornia (San Francisco) ; Medical Association of Georgia (Macon) ; Medical Society of Mississippi (Jackson) ; North- western Medical and Surgical Society of New York (private) ; Harlem sildenafil citrate 100mg Medical Association of the City of New Y'ork; New April 13, 1889.] LETTERS TO THE EDITOR.— PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 413 Jersey Academy of Medicine (NewarlK\, April 19th cheap sildenafil citrate : Chicago Gynaecological Society; Baltimore Clinical Society. Saturday, April 20th : Clinical Society of the New York Post- gradnate Medical cheap eriacta School and Hospital. fitters to i\it mitox. A CASE OF PROLONGED GESTATION.

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