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Tvphoid fovor 8 446 4 184 171 6 62 3 12 54 8 442 4 171 210 Soarlot IVvor Corelnd-spinrtl meningitis . . . . MoHslo.s 59 4 15 Diplitlioriu 50 The Health of New York City.— During the four weeks ending Tuesday, April 9th, the following numbers of cases and deaths from infectious diseases were reported to the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department : Typhoid fever, 32 cases and 10 deaths; scarlet fever, 1,710 cases and 228 deaths; cere- bro-spinal meningitis, 12 cases and 8 deaths; mea.sles, 678 cases and 06 deaths; diphtheria, 739 cases and 189 deaths; small- pox, 1 death. The Contagiousness of Tuberculosis in Man.— At a re- cent meeting of the Board Erectalis Tablets of Health of the Health Department of tho City of Erectalis Online New Buy Erectalis Online York the following resolution was passed: Resolved, That Dr. T. M. Prudden, Dr. H. M. Biggs, and Dr. H. P. Loomis, the pathologists of this department, be and are hereby requested to formulate a brief and comprehensive state- ment regarding the contagiousness of tuberculosis in man, stat- ing therein the evidence of the same, and recommending in the briefest possible manner practicable the simplest means of i)ro- tection from its influence. A Portrait of Dr. Abraham Jacobi was presented to the New York Academy of Medicine on the 4th inst. The presen- tation speech, on behalf of the subscriber.*, was made by Dr. Augustus Caillo. The Brooklyn Hospital. — A competitive examination to fill two positions on the resident statf will be held at the hos- pital on Saturday, April 20th, at 2 p. m. The terms of service will begin at once and expire on March 31 and September 80 1890, respectively. The Philadelphia Maternity Hospital.— Dr. Louise Buy Erectalis G. Kabinovitch has been ai)pointed resident physician to the hos- pital. Dr. Prince A. Morrow, who has been absent for some weeks in Me.xico and the Sandwich Islands, for the purpose of making personal observations of leprosy, to serve as the basis of a report before tho International CongrcMS of Dermatology and Syphih)grapiiy, to bo hold in I'ariH, August 5 to 10, 1HH!», has returned to Now York. The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland will holl jiiiiiiial scssiini in Bait i mm ire on the 'I'.'A, 'Jitli, 2r»th, and 2('ith inst. Professor William Oslor, of the .lohns Hop- kins University, will deliver the annual addrosH, on "The Licoiise to Practice, with special rofercnoe to Stote Boards," Dr. L. Harrison Mettler, lecturer on mental and nervous diseases anil cicrtro ihcrupeulics in the .Medico-chirurgical (Jol- lope, of Philadelphia, sailed for Europe on Wednesday, the 10th inst., to p)irsu(' a course of special study.

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