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THE OCCASIONAL OCCURRENCE OF SCURVY. SouEVY is so little known in modern times that a naval sur- geon of the writer's acquaintance was ten years in the service before he encountered a well-marked case. It will occur, how- ever, under a display of gross negligence. A scurvy-laden ves- sel was recently discharged at Brooklyn which had been five months in making the voyage from Calcutta. After endep 25 the first tliirty days the crew had only salted food, and they endep 10 tablets all became affected with scurvy of endep 10mg the dropsical variety ; one death was in part attributable to this cause. The greatest difficulty buy endep was ex- perienced during the latter part of the passage, and the ship and cargo were in jeopardy more than once, because only generic endep a small number of buy cheap endep the sailors could stand upon their feet long enough to buy endep online do duty. THE CONTAGIOUS DISEASE HOSPITAL IN BROOKLYN. Brooklyn purchase endep has hitherto been peculiarly deficient in accom- modations for cases of contagious disease. The county build- ings included one wretched structure for the reception of per- sons with small-pox, familiarly known endep 25mg endep 10 mg as the " pest-house," and this was outside the city limits, at Flatbusb. The Board of Health has at last obtained a grant which will admit of the construction of three pavilion wards — one for small-pox, one for scarlet fever, and one for diphtheria. The appropriation for buildings endep 25 mg amounts to $65,000, Private apartments for the re- ception of those sick with infectious disease, and desiring to pay for special privileges, form a part of the plan. THE AGNEW MEMORIAL FUND. In another part of this number of the .Journal we print a statement concerning the enter|)ri>c of adding to the capacity and field order endep of work of the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital by means of a fund to be raised and to be known as the Agnew Memorial Fund. In view of the late Dr. Agnew's great serv- ices to the community, in a large measure unrequited save by the consciousness of doing good, it is surely to be expected that those from whom subscriptions may be looked endep 50mg for will be more than commonly ready to respond handsomely from the consid- eration that, besides increasing the capabilities of an excellent institution, they are contributing to perpetuate the memory of 11 *J ITEMS. [N. Y. Mrd. purchase endep online Jodb., H uiiin wlitxIoHorvod to Ik' riMiu-iuhonMl aliko for liis iiiofcsHioniil ;uhioVftm>nlH niitl for liis worlliinr^s ms k .itizcii. Till". NKW YORK A»'AI)i;.M\ (•!•" MKDICINK. \\ K latolv piiblislu'd a sliiloiiu'iit nrttiiij: lorlli \\\v Im't that ilu< Aradomv waH Htill in neotl of Homo tln»ii«uinis of (lollaru to I'lialili' it to ai"order endep online readors who talendep 50 Club and tho prospoot that othor Hociotiea will buy land in tho snmo block iiiako tho Aoadomy's ohoioo of locality tnoro ndvantajfoous than was at lirst siipposod and the investmont i)roportionally bottor. ITKMS, ETC. Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to tho Sanitary Unroiui of tlio lloaltli Dopartmont for tho follow- inj,' statomont of endep tablets cases and deaths reported during' the two endep tablets 10mg weeks ending April 9, 1889 : DISEASES. Week ending Apr. 3. Week ending Apr. Cases. Deaths. Cases. DeathH.

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