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bers of the graduating class to notice it carefully Buy Elimite Cream and tell me how it impressed them. They said, "It is coming out from the inside." Permethrin Elimite Cream I shall endeavor in a succeeding paper to present in stained specimens, as Manson asserts (Fig. 7, iVIanson, Tropical Diseases). Staining has repeat- edly shown a greater amount of chromatin in those bodies that become flagellated. I have not Permethrin Elimite been able Where Can I Buy Elimite to show flagella preformed my work more in detail. Note. — The drawings, except Fig. 7. were Elimite Cost made from personal observations on the blood of a subject of double tertian malarial fever, December 2d to 4th, 1900, and were kindly reproduced by Dr. W. Keiller. The Fish-hunger of Vegetarians. — The Poly- clinic for July says that Robert Louis Stevenson, in In the South Seas, mentions that "in at least one ocean language, Generic Elimite a particular word denotes that a man is hungry for fish, having reached a stage when vegetables can no longer satisfy." In these islands tlesh food other than fish is rarely obtainable except by cannabalism and hence the great value which at- taches to fish. In Permethrin 5 Cream Elimite most of them leprosv has long prevailed, perhaps in all. It is to this fish-hunger, which is common to all people who are for the most part restricted to vegetable food, that those who hold that leprosy is due to fish-eating attribute Elimite Otc its prevalence Elimite For Lice near to fishing stations and its occasional occurrence at a Permethrin 5 Percent Elimite great distance from them. SPICULUM OF BONE, FROM SHOT FRACTURE Elimite Cream Otc OF SKULL, WHICH RESTED AGAINST THE BRAIN FOR FORTY-FOUR YEARS. By D. S, LAMB, M. D., WASHINGTON, D. C. ARMY MEDICAL MUSEUM. The specimen is a portion of the skullcap, of irregularly oval shape, and measuring one inch and a half by five eighths of an inch in diameter. It was removed post mortem from the Elimite Lice right fissure of Syl- vius, adjacent to the first temporal, ascending parie- tal, and supramarginal gyri. The temporal was somewhat atrophied, as if from pressure. The part of the spiculum belonging to the outer table was half an inch in diameter; the inner table, much the larger, showed many small depressions, as from spiculum of bone lodged in brain for forty-four yt-ars. necrosis. The spiculum was imbedded in the pial vessels, Elimite Generic and appeared to be vascular. Minute bits of lead were still adherent to it. At the post-mortem examination, which I made by request of Dr. J. Ford Thompson, I found a small dark spot on the scalp one inch and a half above, and one third of an inch behind, the right external auditory meatus ; a rounded opening one third of an inch in diameter, filled with Elimite Cream Scabies membrane, occupied apparently the postero-inferior part of right parietal bone (the sutures of skull were mostly obliterated) ; there were firm adhesions of the scalp around the opening; on the anterior inner margin of the opening was some new osseous growth. The dura was generally and finnly adherent to the cal- varium and showed a corresponding rounded open- ing. The brain was generally normal. The deceased, a Elimite Price well-known detective of Wash- ington, died on March 21, 1901, aged' sixty-one years. In an election riot in Where Can I Buy Elimite Cream Washington, on June I, 1857. he was accidentally Elimite 5 Cream shot; the volley was fired by a company of the U. S. Marine Corps, which then used the round bullet with three buck- 214 THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. [K. Y. Me0. Jour., shot form of ammunition. Tlie wounded man was attended by Dr. M. V. Bogan and Dr. Thompson, then a medical student, Elimite Cream Over The Counter was also Elimite Or Kwell present. Dr. Bogan probed tlioroughly for the bullet, which was presumed to be lodged in the brain. The recovery

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