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quantity of food being normal. This failure may Dilantin 330 Mg be a sud- den one, as in the invasion of acute disease; it may be habitual, from constitutional debility ; it may be the result of many nervous influences, as depression from high atmos- pheric temperature. Secondly. Dilantin 400 Mg The quantity of food given is too large, so that, even though its character is proper, normal digestive Dilantin 150 Mg powers can not take care of it. Thirdly. Food so improper for infantile digestion is taken that it is not acted on at all, or but very slightly. In all these cases the result is essentially the same — viz., there are present in the intestines masses which, at the tem- perature of the body, readily undergo putrefaction. If the active cause is only a transient one, as soon as the decom- Dilantin 230 Mg posing substances have been eliminated, proper feeding and the re-establishment of healthy digestion soon restore nor- mal conditions. If the cause continues operative, other results follow which will be detailed hereafter. The conditions considered thus far may be looked upon as furnishing a favorable soil for abnormal bacterial growth in the intestines, the regulating mechanism being in all cases a normal healthy digestion. 2. There may be introduced into the intestine, with the food generally, pathogenic gernis. Their effect will depend 406 UOLT: BACTERIA AND INFANTILE DIARRHCEA. [N. Y. Mbd. Joub., iipim tlit'ir iifitiirt', tin* mimhcr wliicli iriiiii ctitrMtiri', ami tlio '•I'lnlilioiis tlu'V tiiiil tlicrc. Kt'^urdiiig npocific jji'itns as a faiiM- of diarrlinal »lis(«aHc we know us vt't liotliiiii; pnsitivclv, it we cM-ciit tin- oltscr- viitioiisof lii'sajjc and ilavt-iii up<»n tlit* hacilliis of fjrccii n, whirl) Inck Dilantin 500 Mg coiitiriiintioii so far, and wliicli liavc not I)f0n jjonorally accepted l>y l)actoriolo};ists. Tlio toxic Dilantin 30 Mg doso i>f l»actcria must vary witli cacli individ- ual. Tli«> nninlicr which can ho taken into the intestine of a stroiii; infant with healthy organs without any unlavoru- l»le residt is undoubtedly pretty larfjc. A much smaller niunher in a di-licate infant of feeble coustitution is suffi- cit'ut to set up the most active decom|)osition with serious results. This constitutional factor is an important one, and ojio which has not been usually sulliciently considered. The most important condition, however, is that of the tlicrestivc origans. While healthy organs are able to with- stand the action of bacteria unless their number is very ijreat, imperfect Dilantin 350 Mg Too Much Dilantin or indigestible food may Dilantin Pharmacology produce effects mechanically, or more commonly by the decomposition from bacteria. Catarrhal inflammation of the mucous Dilantin 250 Mg membrane is set up by the irritating products, acids and ptomaines, which the bacteria produce. This in- testinal catarrh may be at first of a very low grade, but, as a consequence of it, mucus and serum are added to Dilantin 130 Mg the in- testinal contents, and probably oxygen also from the hyper- ppmia, all these new^ conditions tending to increased activity of bacterial growth, which in turn aggravates these lesions. Cheap Dilantin It can not be positively affirmed, but it seems altogether probable, that such a catarrh interferes with the secretion of normal gastric and intestinal fluids. Given, then, impaired digestive force and an intestinal condition such as has just been described, and it is not diflfi- cult to understand how pathogenic germs Dilantin 200 Mg may develop with great rapidity which under normal conditions could not find a Dilantin 50 Mg foothold. That this is exactly what takes place seems to be borne out by clinical experience. It is a matter of every-day ob- servation that the severe types of intestinal Dilantin Ex disease are al- most invariably preceded by the symptoms of a mild dis- order for some davs. Another injurious effect of the bacteria is that Dilantin 1 G they set np decomposition in the food in the stomach and intestines, Dilantin 125 so that the patient suffers from Dilantin Xr innutrition. This effect is

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