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The study of intestinal bacteria is yet in its infancy. With our present limited knowledge it is manifestly unsafe to make sweeping generalizations or deductions. AH that will be attempted hei'c will be to consider the bearing of what now appears to be well established upon our notions of the pathology, prevention, and treatment of gastro-intes- tinal diseases in generic diflucan 150 mg infancy. In the study of the eifects of micro-organisms upon the human body, under all generic diflucan fluconazole circumstances, three factors must be kept constantly in mind : 1. The nature of the micro-organisms. 2. The dose, or numbers in which they enter the body. 3. The vulnerability of the patient. It is nowhere more important to consider all the factors than in diarrhoeal diflucan cost diseases. I. The Normal Conditions present in Infants on Milk Diet. — For these we are indebted mainly to the work of Escherich. Those which are important in the present con- nection are : 1. That the small intestine is acid throughout the upper two thirds of its course. 2. The source of the acid is the decomposition of milk- sugar, which is present here, though not in large amount. 3. There is no decomposition of casein. 4. All diflucan compresse costo the casein and the greater part of the milk-sugar appear to be absorbed soon after they enter the intestine. 5. Oxygen is absent, with the possible exception of a very small amount next the mucous membrane. 6. Thus far diflucan costo there have been isolated and studied but two varieties of bacteria which are constantly found in the in- testines of nursing infants — the Bacterium lactis aeroyenes, which is found in great abundance how much diflucan cost in the upper portion of the small intestine and diminishes in numbers generic diflucan over counter as we de- scend, and the Bacterium coli commune (Brieger's bacillus), which exists in great numbers in the colon and in the stools. The Bacterium lactis aerogenes decomposes milk-sugar, with the production chiefly of lactic acid (Escherich) diflucan 150 costo or acetic acid (Baginsky), and to one of these the acidity diflucan 150 mg costo of the intestine here is due. This bacterium also produces carbon dioxide and hydro- gen in considerable amount, but has very little effect either upon albumin or fat. The Bacterium coli commune acts but very slightly upon either costo del diflucan casein, fat, or sugar. An explanation of the small number of varieties con- stantly present is to be looked for in certain conditions which prevail in the intestine which limit bacterial growth. These are the exclusive diet, the absence of oxygen, and the rapid absorption of both casein and milk-sugar. Bile does not act as an intestinal antiseptic, since Booker and others have found that almost all intestinal bacteria grow well in a ten-per-cent. solution of bile. Its influence in diminishing intestinal putrefaction, then, must be due to its action in * Read before pfizer diflucan costo the New York Clinical Society, February 22, 1889. digestion and absorption. When bile is absent these pro- cesses are imperfect, and decomposition takes place in the unabsorbed residuum. The acidity of the stomach is no protection to the in- testines against the entrance of living bacteria. The acidity is not great except when the digestive process is at its height. Miller found that unless it reached 1"6 per diflucan cost with insurance cent, of hydro- chloric acid it did not stop bacterial growth. Van Puteren examined the contents of the stomach in eight infants, and never found an acidity exceeding 0*8 per cent., and, finally^ MacFadyen demonstrated diflucan cost without insurance that in dogs, by giving at the same time large draughts of water, almost any variety of bacteria could be made to pass the stomach without generic diflucan online being destroyed. It has discount diflucan not yet been established that bacteria ht^ve any essential part to perform in the physiology either of gastric buy generic diflucan online or intestinal digestion. Nor does the theory advan;.ed by Baginsky — that the function of the bacteria constantly pres- ent under normal conditions is to prevent tlie development there of abnormal species — find any adequate support either from the observed facts or generic diflucan cost from analogy in other parts of the body. II. How may these Normal Conditions he altered? — 1. The varieties of bacteria which develop anywhere are de- pendent, among other conditions, on the food present. Escherich found that the species existing in the intestines when the diflucan gel costo diet was exclusively milk disappeared and gave place to different species when milk was excluded and a meat diet substituted. The conditions are also altered in infancy by anything which increases the amount of unab- sorbed materials in the intestine. Practically, we find that this may occur in generic diflucan no prescription three ways: First. There is a failure of digestion, the character and

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