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of small size. Tho dose of the arsenic had then reached eight drops, but had not boon taken as frequently in the twenty-four hours as was desired. One week later there was still imjjrove- inent in the eruption, and there had been manifest gain in the general condition of the patient, who seemed reasonably com- fortable and cheerful. Shortly after this time lung symptoms set in, apparently due to an extension of the disease downward from the mouth, which, however, had greatly improved in con- dition. Soon after Acetazolamide Diamox this the arsenic was discontinued for a day or two, and the change in the character of the eruption and the feelings of the patient was so apparent to every one that it was quickly resumed, and continued to the end. But it seemed finally un- able to cope with the disease, for, although it held the eruption in check to a very considerable measure, the patient sank from intestinal complications, with occasional recurrence of his cough, both seemingly from a development of the disease on the mucous surfaces, and finally died on September 10, 1887. Occasionally during the Iv Diamox course of eczeraa, especially in elderly people, the nature of the process will appear to be changed, and lesions of a pemphigoid character will occur which may prove very distressing. These will continue to Diamox Sequels 500 Mg be Diamox Acetazolamide formed in spite of the ordinary treatment employed for eczeraa, but will be found to yield promptly to the free use of arsenic alone, as in the following two cases : Case IV. — Mr. O., aged seventy- seven, was seen in consulta- tion with Diamox Buy Dr. Buy Diamox J. R. Conway, on February 12, 1884, on account of a very general eczema with which he had been confined to bed Diamox 500mg for a week. The attack had begun one month previously, and when he was first seen it covered the entire body and limbs, in the form of erythematous and papular eczema ; there were no vesicular lesions, but some moist surfaces existed here and there from scratching. The eruption did very well under an acid, magnesia, and iron treatment, together with mild Diamox 500 external measures, so that in three weeks he was very comfortable, and by the end of a month he had been out of doors, and seemed almost Well again. lie then became ciireless in eating, and [(ossibly relaxed treatment too much, and on Marcli 2Hth it was recorded that he had had sovoro very general itching, with the production of many largo and nmall erythematoiiH patches, upon which were many grouped vesicloH, nnd three days later there ilevelopod on the loft wrist a pemphigoid blister, large and tense, neurly an inch in diameler. lie was placed on an alkali after eating, and given ten drops of the licpior sodii arseniatis l)etweon meals, well diluted. \ few days later more of the bullous lesions ap- peared, one of thorn three <|uarters of an inch long, on the front of the right til)ia, and other smaller ones elsewhere on the legs. The arsenic drops were increased to twelve, three times daily, and very shortly the production of biilhe ceased. The arsenic was continued until May 10th, and, as ho had had no bulln3 for some time, they were stoi)ped ; but on May 15th they reappeared upon the legs, and he was given tho arsenic alone, in ten-drop doses, four times daily, and the bulljc again promptly disap- peared. Tho arsenic was continued for a month longer, and he went to the country apparently well. In December the eczema recurred, and shortly after the bulla) reappeared, which, however, were again controlled by the arsenic; but his eczema remained more or less troublesome for some months Purchase Diamox Online later, although it finally yielded in tho spring. Cask V. — The next case resembled the preceding one very Order Diamox Online completely, except that the eczeraa element was less severe and less general ; it need, therefore, be but briefly detailed. The patient, Buy Cheap Diamox Mrs. C, aged seventy-one, was referred to me by Dr. Leaming, February .5, 1877. The eruption had existed some months, andjformed eczematous patches over the body and thighs, some of them erythematous and papular, some Diamox Generic of them moist. During the course of the eruption pemphigoid blisters devel- oped, mainly on the abdomen, which Purchase Diamox yielded promptly to the free administration of arsenic. Tablet Diamox Arsenic is also found Diamox 125 Mg to be of very great service in con- trolling the bullous eruptions sometimes excited by the in- ternal use of iodide and bromide salts, especially those of potassium. A single illustration of this will suffice : Case VI. — Miss E., aged thirty-five, had been under treat- ment for syphilis, which was contracted nearly four years pre- viously. As she lived some distance from the city, and neither she nor her family physician could be made to appreciate fully the requirements of the case, her treatment was carried out somewhat irregularly and with interruptions. One year before the occurrence of the eruption to be described, or early in the fourth year of her syphilis, she had a strange attack of partial paralysis, presumably syphilitic, from which she recovered under the treatment of her family physician, who understood her case; but after this date she had more frequent recurrences of epileptic seizures, to which she had been subject occasionally during the period of her syphilis, though unbeknown to me, and possibly once or twice during previous years. These epileptic seizures had increased during the year previous to my visit to be referred to, and she had been under the Diamox Tablets care of some irregular physician in another city for this trouble, and had also Order Diamox taken an advertised nostrum for epilepsy. By the latter part of April a bullous eruption appeared on the nose, and then on other portions of the face. This medicine was stopped on April 30th, but her own family physician, thinking the eruption to be syphilitic, had been giving her increasing doses of iodide of potassium, vrith the Diamox Mg effect of daily increasing the eruption until seen by me. May 30, 1880. When first seen the whole face was covered with a thick, black crust, the results Generic Diamox of former lesions, with also much crust-

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