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wiw exfoplioiml to sfn »>vi«lcii«'e «>f artivo wiirfmr. It cytotec 200 mcg is, of foursi', iiion' (lillitMilt to ohtaiii cvidi'iiii' buy cheap cytotec of the n'lation of tlu' sn|t|>os»'tl fonti-stuiits in \\\v\ splfi-ii, liver, ami marrow, the orjfans in whieh n-^jressive ami proj^ressive hlooti rlian^es purchase cytotec are constantly >j;ii>K '*"• ' '"'^■'' ""^ myself praeti»-tMl punetnre of the spleen in those eases, as has Iteen done cytotec price extensively l>v ( 'oum-ilman. I'atal «'ases of malaria are not now very eoinmon. I ha\r only had opportunities of »'\amiiiinir two. l.otli of chronic p:ilii(l;il caclic\ia, the re- sult of prolonLCcd exposure in Tanama — one, an old man, admitted under my colli-aLTUc, Dr. .Miissor, wln)se hlood prc- sentetl many of th(> characteristic, forms; the other, a pro- foundly amemic man, with a sj;roatly enlarged spleen, but in whoso hlooil very few of the parasites were found. In both instances the liver, spleen, and bone marrow sliowed charac- teristic melanotic changes. In the spleen the pigment in various shades, from brown to deep black, was chiefly in tlje thickened trabecular tissues and about the vessels. Teascil portions showed : (1) Lari^c lunubcrs of leucocytes containing brownish- black piiinicnt grains. A few of cytotec 200mcg the leucocytes contained the small anueboid forms which had been noticed to be very abundant during life. (2) Larger cells, containing red blood-corpuscles in all stages of degeneration. These cells were of various sizes, and contained buying cytotec a variable number of corpuscles — from eight to ten, or cytotec 400 mg even more. Some of the red corpuscles contained amoeboid parasites, but by far the larger portion cytotec on line of online cytotec them presented the usual appearance met with in cells of this character in the spleen. order cytotec online (3) Large, irregular, flattened cells, probably derived where to buy cytotec from the epithelium of the cytotec mg spleen capillaries, which con- tained granular black pigment, and occasionally red cytotec cheap blood- corpuscles. (4) Spindle or branch cells of the reticular tissue inclos- ing brownish or black pigment grains, (5) Free pigment. buy cytotec Practically the condition was similar, though more ex- tensive in degree, to that met with in this organ and in other febrile states associated with extensive blood destruction. I really could not say that the splenic phagocytes exercised any selective power in picking out for attack those corpuscles which contained parasites or crescentric forms, which in one of these cases existed in considerable numbers. The bone marrow in both cases presented microscopic changes char- acteristic of the lymphoid tissue, online pharmacy cytotec and had a grayish-brown color, due to excess of pigment. There were in it in large numbers marrow cells and ordinary leucocytes containing irregular pigment, and occasionally free amoeboid forms of the parasites. The cells containing red blood-corpuscles were cytotec 200 mg very abundant, but here, as in the spleen, it was par- ticularly noted that the red corpuscles not containing the parasites were as frequently, or even more frequently, in- closed in the cells. In the liver the pigment existed in three elements : (1) In leucocytes, which seemed numerous in cytotec buy online the lobu- lar capillaries, particularly at the periphery. (2) In the walls of the capillaries, in all probability in th(> endothelial cells. (:<) In the stroma ttells, particularly of the interlobular tissue about the portal canals, when^ in places it was suili- ciently abundant to cause ordinary diffuse pigmentation, a part of which was due to graitis lying free in the interstices of th> and while it undoubtedly plays a most important part cytotec order in many pathological conditions, the question of an active destructive warfare waged by the body cells against the micro-organisms of disease must cytotec cost still be considered an open one. #n0mal Commummtions.

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