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more ably or ut grcsater length than from liaumgartcn.* While not denying that the leucocytcH eat the bacteria, he claims that the procrcss is by no means universal, and is car- ried on so uncxpially that we can scarcely sp<'ak of an active warfare waged against the parasites. Ah a specially weak point, he alludes to the powerless- ness of the phagocytes in the Dajthnia disease s(j soon as the conidia are formed from the sp«Hes. Ill relapsing fever, the freedom from attack which the spirilli enjoy in the blood is urged strongly against the phagocytic theory. The fact that spirilli are ftMind in a number of cells of the spleen toward the crisis simply means that the phagocytes of this organ behave to them as to other foreign bodies. Probably, too, the spirilli begin at this time to lose their vitality, as is shown by their less act- ive movements, and are Crestor Mg then readily taken up by the splenic leucocytes in a manner precisely similar to effete blood-cor- puscles. Purchase Crestor In erysipelas, Baumgarten criticises the position in which Metschnikoff finds the parasites — namely, in the second zone, behind the advancing cocci, as conclusively showing that they are not fighters of the battle What Is Rosuvastatin — not, as he expresses it, " the heroes of the day, but the hyenas of the field." The observations of Christraas-Dircknick-IIolmfeld f are also directly opposed to the theory of phagocytosis. He finds in anthrax experiments that very few of the bacilli are taken up Rosuvastatin Calcium by the leucocytes. In rats they degenerate with- in two or three days after inoculation, and for the most part outside of the cells. lie Order Crestor holds that pus formation is a con- servative reaction against the penetration of the bacterial Crestor Cost germs, but that the neutralization of the action of micro- organisms depends much more on the chemico-biological relations of the tissues than on any property of the cells Buy Crestor Online to destroy them by inclusion. His view, in fact, approaches that of Ribbert, already referred to, in ascribing the limita- tion of bacterial growth to nutritive changes, particularly to the restriction of oxygen, rather than to any phagocytic action of the Rosuvastatin 10 cells. In Fliigge's laboratory, observations have been made by Bitter and by Nuttall, J of San Francisco, which Buy Crestor directly con- tradict those of Metschnikoff. Xuttall's elaborate experi- ments appear to show conclusively that the destruction of the bacilli in the living body is not eflfected by the phago- cytic action alone. And, lastly, in tuberculosis, the question of the relation of the cells to the bacilli is being carefully studied. In Purchase Crestor Online his recent paper on the subject,* Metschnikoff maintains that the degeneration of the bacilli, which has long been known to occur within the giant cells, results directly from their phagocytic action, and is not a natural decay. Baumgarten, on the other hand, regards the relation of the giant cells to the bacilli as one of the strongest evidences against the theory of phagocytosis. * Buy Cheap Crestor Loc. cit. f " Fortschritte der Medicin," 1887. X " Archiv fiir Hygiene," Bd. iv. I would particularly recommend the summary of Bitter's to those wishing further details, and, for a striking series of experiments, the paper of Nuttall's. * Virchow's " Archiv," Bd. cxiii. April 13, 1889. 08LER: ON PHAOOGYTES. 399 With the relations of phagocytes to bacteria I Rosuvastatin 10 Mg have had so little practical experience that I hesitate to express any positive conviction on the question, but I have for nearly three years been working at a problem identical in all its relations, but in which the parasitic bodies belong to a higher class of organisms, I refer to malaria and to the hjematozoa which occur in Crestor Price the blood of this disease. A skeptical attitude in these days of hasty observation and of still hastier conclusions is peculiarly appropriate. I com- plain of no one who, without ample Generic Crestor opportunities for per- sonal study, claims the right Crestor Tablets to question the full significance Crestor Online of Laveran's important discoveries. Perhaps better than any one else I am in a position to extend sympathy to the skeptic, as, until ample material came to hand in 1886, I was among those who looked upon the work of Laveran with extreme incredulity. The corroboration in almost every detail which his studies have received during the past three years is in all respects remarkable. Working as he did, alone in Algiers, under circumstances the Atorvastatin Rosuvastatin reverse of favorable, without proper laboratory equipment, without the stimulus to be found in. Order Crestor Online the association of men in large cities, it is not only in the highest degree creditable, but most encouraging, that an army surgeon, actively engaged in the duties pertaining to his battalion, could accomplish so thorough a piece of work, requiring but little Cheap Crestor subsequent correction, and receiving at all hands ample confirmation.

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