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periments which bear directly upon these points. Anthrax cultures in Zeigler's glass chamber, inserted beneath the skin in animals not very susceptible to the disease, as dogs and birds, showed active migration of the leucocytes into the chamber which appear to attack the bacilli and to de- stroy them. These very striking experiments certainly in- dicate what, of course, is well known, a high degree of ac- tivity on the part of the leucocytes, finding their way, as they do, into the chamber closed at all points except one narrow orifice. But, as Hess says, it is a question whether the disintegration in the cells necessarily means destruction by the cells. In relapsing fever Metschnikoff states that the spirilli are not attacked by the leucocytes in the blood, but are Buy Cozaar Online de- stroyed only in the spleen. In the Buy Cozaar artificially produced dis- ease in monkeys he finds abundant inclusion of the spirilli in the phagocytes of the spleen during the period of the rise in temperature before the crisis. This, however, may simply mean that the spirilli, most of which gradually dis- appear from the blood at the crisis, have lived their life and are about to die, and in this state are taken up by the nor- mal splenic phagocytes, just as are the effete red blood-cor- puscles. He explains the recurrence of the second, or even of the third, attack of Cheap Cozaar the fever by supposing that certain * " Zeitschrift f. klin. Medicin," Bd. xv, Hft. 1 u. 2. 398 OSLER: ON PHAQOOTTES, [N. Y. Med. Jodr., gpirilli irrnain alive after the crisis and start afrcsli a iicsv Lji'iu'i-atioii, whii'li is not n'tardi'il in its irpowtli, as the phaijofvti's Cozaar Online are too hiisy in di^estiiiij; the spirilli wliieli tliey had eaten (hiring; the former attack. An interestiii'; study f phaj^oeytosis has been made hy l.aciir,* a p\i|)ii of Kihhert, who has studied tlie elTeet of injection Buy Cheap Cozaar into the hin;^s of raht>its, throuj^h the Cozaar 50mg trachea, of Staphi/lococcns pi/o(/mcs aureus. Within a few liours the cocei arc ahnost all to be seen within the alveolar epithe- lium, and in the leucocytes, which latter, in the course of a few days, disappear from the alveoli and pass into the bronchi. Meanwhile, the alveolar epithelium proliferates, eausini; a catarrhal inHammation. Within the iirst week the celU Cozaar Price contain many eocci, which i^radually become less numerous, and in the Purchase Cozaar second week entirely disappear, lie looks upon this as a confirmation of MetschnikotJ's views. In a second investitjation, Hess f has studied, in rabbits and in cats, the Discount Cozaar relation of the leucocytes to the Staphylo- coccHs aureus inoculated in the cornea. At first there is marked increase, which leads to an acute infiammatory pro- cess in the neii^hborhood of tlie cocci. The leucocytes in- crease rapidly, and within two or three days almost all of the cocci are within cells. In cases which recover by Cozaar 25 Mg the sixth day, no cocci are found. When the process does not result in healing, the phagocytosis is slight. Baumgarten Cozaar 100mg J states that experiments made in his labo- ratory do not confirm these results of Hess. Ribbert, in his study on the destruction of pathogenetic bacteria in the body,* supports Metschnikoff's views. He found, after injection of the spores of Aspergillus and Mu- cor, that they collected in the organs of the experimental animals, particularly in the liver and lungs, and that within a few hours after injection they were surrounded by leuco- cytes, which either completely prevented or restricted the growth of the germs. Injections in very large quantities might not be sufficient to hinder the growth of the para- sites, and the animal Losartan Cozaar died. In the lungs and in the liver the phagocytes are much more active than in the Cost Of Cozaar kidneys. Pre- cisely similar occurrences Online Cozaar were found where the spores were injected into the anterior chamber, and it is worthy of note that he found on the anterior surface of the iris, in the neighborhood Cozaar 100 Mg of the pupil, the phagocytes much more act- ive and the disintegration of the spores much more marked than in the posterior part of the iris in contact with the lens. Cozaar Cost Ribbert holds that the destructive influence of the leucocytes is exercised chiefly by their preventing access of nourishment to the spores (particularly Order Cozaar of oxygen), and in favoring also an accumulation about them of destructive metabolic products. He regards the fixed connective-tissue cells of the liver, and the giant cells which develop in the liver and in the lungs, as the most Cozaar Mg important agents in the final destruction of the spores. As we might suppose, the views of Metschnikoff have met with sharp criticism in many quarters, and from no one * Abstracted by Bitter, " Zeitschrift f. Hygiene," Bd. iv. \ Virchow's "Archiv," Bd. ex. X " Price Of Cozaar Jahresbericht," Bd. iii. * Abstracted by Bitter, " Zeitschrift fiir Hygiene," Bd. iv.

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