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for their medicines for internal use, and the decoc- tion or infusion is the combivent inhaler form in which combivent nebulizer they invariably use the drug. It is prepared in the following buy combivent man- ner : The leaves, roots, or barks, are placed in a rice pounder and bruised ; they are combivent cost then transferred to an earthen pot and, when mi.xed with one cupful of cold water, the depth is measured with a stick : water is then added to make a total of eight cupfuls. The mixture is then boiled until the remaining amount measures combivent neb the same as it did after the first cup of water had been added. When cool, it combivent coupons is strained and administered to the sick twice daily. In conclusion, combivent dosage it is proper to add that some differ- ences are to be observed in modes of native practice in different parts of the archipelago, owing to combivent inhaler price the operation of local influences, such as the influence of the Chinese, of the Arabic, of isolation, of reli- combivent mdi .MOOKE: FLAGELLATED MALARL-iL PARASITE. [N. Y. Med. Jouk., gious beliefs, etc., but so far as tlie writer has hern able to combivent inhalers ascertain, tlie above data, while by no means exhaustive, are fairly representative, and afford a tolerably correct perspective of primitive practice in the Philippines. The writer is under obligations to Dr. A. \'. Pereira, an educated native practitioner of Zam- boanga, for much of the above information buy combivent inhaler concern- mg native practice, and to many army officers and civilians for data of general and professional inter- est used in the preparation combivent udv of the foregoing paper. Z.\MBOANGA^ buy combivent online MlND.-\NAO, PfllLIPriXE ISLAXD.s. FLAGELLATED MALARIAL PARASITE : OBSERVATIONS UPON ITS STRUCTURE, SHOWING THAT THE FLAGELLA ARE PREFORMED IN THE BODY OF THE ORGANISM.* By JOHN T. MOORE, M. D., DEMONSTRATOR OF MEDICINE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, MEDICAL DEPARTMENT, CHIEF OF THE MEDICAL AND NERVOUS CLINICS, JOHN combivent inhaler coupons SEALY HOSPITAL DIS- PENSARY, GALVESTON. Since the discovery of the parasite of malarial in- fection by combivent inhaler coupon Laveran in 1880, many observers have spent much time in the study of the structure and life cycle of this interesting pathogenic agent. While much is known about the plasmodium, there are no doubt some things yet to be learned. Fig. t. Microganietocxte Flagellating body. Fig. 2. Macrogamctes Non-flagellating body. Fig. 3 combivent coupon Fig Fig 5- Fig. 6 Fig. 7 There is still a lack of agreement among the obser- vers concerning cheap combivent the structure and function of the various forms of this protozoan. That it has two developmental cycles, one in man of asexual segmentation, discovered by Golgi. and the other cycle in combivent price the mosquito, discovered by Ross, almost all observers combivent dose agree. McCallum, in 1897, discovered that there were present in the blood male and female elements. He

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