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the carbon grains is included within protoplasm. The free granules are abundant, but almost every leucocyte has its little load which it has picked up on its road from the finer tubes to the trachea. I have always thought cleocin suspension this repre- sented a neat bit of economy of labor, as there can be no question order cleocin online that it is easier cleocin phosphate for the cilia to sweep half a dozen angular particles, when inclosed in a cell, than to work at the same when free. In all probability, the finer particles which fall upon the tracheal or the bronchial membranes 'Zeitschrift fiir wissenschaftliche Zoologie," Bd. xlv 394 OiSLKli: ON I'lIAUOCYTES. [N. Y. Mkd. Jouit., iwv \fi^\, y'u\ of almost oiitirt'ly l»y oolls and ciliii. Tluirc iloi's not nppcnr to l>o, to any j^irat fxtrnt, pfiu-tration of pi^ini-nt ;;r,iniili's ln-twi-cn tlic riliatiMl cifitlicliuMi. It ih unusual to sff Id'iicatli tin- trai-liral niui-osa any follection of carbon LCiains. W .• do imc.M witli it in tlif snlnnucouH l)ronfliial tissu*-. l»nt tlu' ai-tivc vihratilc linini; sei'niH to ifTonl a toloral)ly suiv protei-lion. Tin' lynipli vessels opcMi on till' surface in the pseudo-stoinata, and in the experi- mental work of Arnold* and others leneoeytes earryiuf^ Maek grains have heen seen in tiie submucous lymph ves- sels ; yet the process doi-s not seem to f^o on to any f^reat decree. The particles cleocin t pads which reach the air cells find no active cur- rent to sweep them from the spots on which they fall. It is possible to conceive, under certain conditions, cleocin 900 mg of the air cells i;ra»lually tilling, were it not for the activity of pliago- cvtes, cleocin 600 mg derived lar«;ely from the alveolar epithelium, which stands, as it were, at the gateway of the cleocin cost lymphatic circula- tion. The cells lining the air cleocin t acne cells, seen, for instance, by scrap- inf gently the cut surface of an (edematous lung, look as flat- tened, desiccated, and lifeless as do the scales of the scarf-skin, lint appearances are deceptive in this case, and the proto- plasm of these cells is not only active but probably varies much in shape with the distension or contraction of the al- veoli. When in contact with liquids and in pathological conditions, they change so much in form that I find it often a ditHcidt lesson to cleocin 100 mg teach students, familiar with normal his- tology only, to recognize in the large, swollen ovoid cells so common in sputa, alveolar epithelium. Moreover, from the rapid way in which they may be des(piamated, there must be ample provision for their rapid restitution. _ How far in a normal state these cells take part in the work of cleansing the lungs is not yet definitely settled. In the young they cleocin antibiotic do not often appear in the sputa, except when there are in- dications of catarrhal changes, but in the adult their pres- ence is very common. It is rare to see one in the sputa of a hospital patient, which has not brought with it a load of carbon, all of which may not have been derived from the air cells, as these bodies can undergo amceboid changes, and, like the leucocytes, are probably not above picking up cleocin tablets a grain or two in their course toward the larynx. In cases of bronchial catarrh, and in cleocin topical gel phthisis, these pigmented cells of the alveoli may be very abundant, producing the blackish streaks which may be seen with the naked eye. When these cells have undergone the myelin degeneration they seem no lono-er capable of performing scavenger work. In coal miners, or even in stokers and coal heavers, these pigment-laden cells may be extraordinarily abundant. It is not only when the patient comes direct from the mines, or from the coal yards, but the old j^oitrinaires which haunt in such numbers our city hospitals, expectorate for months, or even cleocin cream acne longer, sputa containing the pigment-laden alveolar cells, staining the entire expectoration. So persistent may this be that the process may be regarded, not simply as an cleocin suppositories extrusion of the daily dole of carbon, but as a definite ex- * " Untersuchungen iiber Staubinhalation und Staubmetastase," Leipzig, 1885. (rrction, if we may so use the term, of ])arti(!leH which have been stored up in pulmonary parenchyma. A certain proportion of buy cleocin t the inlialccl dust particles escapes the mucous ct^lls and the alveolar (tpilhelium and penetrates the substaniX' of the lung, cleocin iv entering at iIk; KittHubHtanz be- tween the cells, or through tli(! pseudo-stomata existing in the alveolar wall. 'Iln; particles of coal cleocin 2 breathing an air comparatively pure, the cilia and the phago- cleocin topical solution cytes in the air passages appear quite able to prevent access of the carbon grains to the lung tissue; cleocin oral whereas in the dwellers in the cities, and in animals kept in confinement, the impurities in the air are so abundant that these agents are insufficient, and sooner or later the grains penetrate the air cells, aided, no doubt, by the movements of inspiration

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