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variety of substances as special charms, which they beheve to possess occult power, to gain the atTection of others, to guard from sickness and evil spirits, to make them invisible, to render an enemy immobile, to gain wealth easily, to foretell future events, etc. The priest, or Shaman, prays over the article, invok- ing the aid of the Great Spirit, who is supposed to invest it with magical powers. If the charm fails. they always have a ready explanation and their faith is not shaken in the least. Ascending the racial scale, we find that a knowl- etige of medicine and surgery among the natives of the Philippines becomes more Cefaclor Mg and more exact, pari passu with the increa.-.;; ci intelligence, until it cid- niinates in the educated practitioners of Manila and the larger cities, who have obtained their education at reputable schools and colleges, and whose practice conforms to that of educated physicians elsewhere. But there are thousands of practicantes, curaiidcros. and old Cefaclor Cd women, Buy Cheap Cefaclor throughout the islands, whose prac- tice is purely empirical when emancipated from Cefaclor Antibiotic the fraud and artifice of priestcraft, and it is of these that I shall now speak. Typhoid and malarial fevers and the so-called "calentura" are Cefaclor Generic all treated very similarly. rhe\- recognize typhoid as Order Cefaclor Online somewhat infectious, but adopt no prophylaxis in dealing with it. Buy Cefaclor Online It is treated b}' decoctions of a plant called amurgosa or ainplaya (Momordica balsamina), balsam apple, Cefaclor Antibiotics and maka- buhay, Tinospora crispa, administered in small doses twice daily. In the treatment of malarial fever they prefer barks and herbs of the bitter class, and if the disease is intractable, they apply for medicine to the town practicante, who probably gives quinine. Small-pox has prevailed extensively in Mindanao and the Sulu group, and is especially ai)t to occur when the Mohammedan hadjis, or pilgrims, return from Mecca. In its treatment Cefaclor Price the patient is kept within doors, and, when the eruption Cefaclor Ceclor is well de- velo])ed, purgatives are given every few days, Cefaclor 250mg and the use of water for bathing is strictly prohibited for fourteen days. Cooling drinks, such as cocoanut water, the juice of sugar cane, milk, or sweetened water, are given to relieve the inflamed throat. In- cidentally, it is believed that vows to be true to the Church, and the placing of a crucifix or sanctifietl image near the patient, will greatly assist the favor- able action of the medicine. The Moros at Order Cefaclor Jolo, under the direction of Arab hadjis, use salines and powdered burnt ox-hides mixed with sugar, inter- nally, and paint the body with amurgosa oil, ob- tained from the nuts of the tree growing in India. The Cefaclor 500mg latter is astringent and is said to keep flies away from the ulcerated surfaces. Dysentery and diarrhoea are among the most prevalent diseases; they are treated by the natives by the administration of astringent roots and herbs. and recoveries in non-infectious cases occur ; but tropical dysentery is not infrequently amoibic, and such cases, after persisting for months, will ulti- mately apply to more skilled practitioners, who treat according to old Spanish methods, but death is the usual ending. Constitutional syphilis is met with not infrequent- ly, but among 200 Filipinos examined by the Cefaclor Cost sur- geon in Zamboanga for enlistment in the force of native troops, only about half a dozen cases Purchase Cefaclor were discovered, and of these only one was at all severe. In its treatment the natives use what they call the "China root decoction," which has the reputation of being efficacious. The treatment for gonorrhoea, which disease is met with not infrequently, consists in the administration per as of cubebs and Cefaclor Monohydrate sarsa- parilla infusions, cooling drinks, local bathing, and the partaking plentifully of boiled green peas. No hygienic precautions are taken or any Cefaclor Generation very definite treatment pursued in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. Certain Purchase Cefaclor Online roots and herbs are given in the form of infusions, and the leaves of the stramo- nium, which grows abundantly here, are dried and smoked. Insanity and cancer are very uncommon among these people, a fact of some interest and significance. Puerperal insanity occasionally occurs among them, but Cefaclor Tablets they have no treatment for it except by prayers, etc. The Moros, in sucli cases, resort to the use of charms or to incantations to Satan, the cause of the evil, to cure the patient. Ulcers are very common and are treated in many ways. The natives of Zamboanga apply a poultice of marshmallow leaves or boiled rice, until the ulcer is well cleaned ; they then touch it with copper sulphate, and apply soothing oils. Occasionally they apply a disc of metallic copper to chronic ulcers. Their method of preparing medicines is of some interest. As will appear from what has been said, they depend entirely upon the vegetable kingdom

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