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neous nerves ; and a person in syncope is animated by a sudden spray of cold water. Mosso admits a chemical and a mechanical phenomenon of respiration, the latter playing the most important role. Marckwald finally denies directly the influence of the carbon dioxide Flomax Vs Cardura and oxygen in the blood Cardura N10 on Purchase Cardura the respiratory centers ; his arguments are that the respi- ration pei'sists after the circulation ceases, and also after the bodv has , been exsanguinated. The authors investigated the question by estab. | lishing a crossed cephalic circulation in two rabbits, after Leon Frede- | ricq's method, described in tbs "Bull, de I'acad. sc. de Belg.," 3me J ser., t. xiii. In two animals, A and B, the vertebral arteries and one of j I the carotids, the left, Cheap Cardura were ligated ; the right carotids were cut across, \ and the central cardiac end of the right carotid of A was made to com- I municate, by means of a glass tube, with the peripheral or cephalic end April 6, 1889.1 MISCELLANY. 391 of the right carotid of B. A second tube established identically the same communication between the Cardura Tablets central end of the carotid of IJ and the peripheral of A. A crossed cephalic circulation was thus realized, the head of A receiving its blood-supply from B, and vice verm. If dyspncca was produced in A by obliterating its trachea completely or partially, it was B that presented dyspmeic symptoms, whereas A pre- sented no symptoms in the beginning, and afterward had a tendency to apnoea rather. The authors present the tracings which illustrate the facts ; and they conclude that the explanation of the phenomena is that the blood of A became venous by the interference with its Cardura Generic Name respira- tion, and this blood was sent to the head of B, excited the respiratory centers of the latter, and caused dyspnoea. They further arranged an artificial cephalic circulation in Buy Cardura Online such a Cardura 1 Mg manner as to be able to change the blood-current so as to show the influence of either oxygenated blood or that saturated with carbon dioxide. Their general conclusions are that the respiratory centers are sensible to the variation of carbon dioxide in the blood. They did not observe any constant results by varying Cardura Online the amount of oxygen in the blood sent to bathe the respiratory tissues. On the Rhytlim of the Mammalian Heart (Presented by Dr. M. Fos- ter). — The following are some of the results Cardura 10 Mg from the experiments on the cat, dog, rabbit, rat, hedgehog, and guinea-pig, performed by Dr. J. A. Mc William (" Proc. of the Royal Soc," No. 268, 1888) : 1. Stimu- lation of the quiescent cardiac muscle, if it is strong enough to excite contraction at all, excites a maximal contraction. The strength of an artificially excited beat does not depend upon the strength of the stimu- lus ; it Cardura Classification is equally strong with maximal and minimal excitations. 2. The condition of fibrillar contraction, or heart-delirium, induced in the ven- tricles of excitable hearts by the application of interrupted currents and other means, may be recovered from, even after a long period, under the combined influence of artificial respiration, rhythmical com- pression of the ventricles, and the administration of pilocarpine. 3. The spontaneous rhythmic power possessed by the terminal parts of the great veins — the auricles and ventricles — seems to be myogenic under some conditions. 4. The auricles and ventricles, having an independ- ent rhythm of contraction, are in obedience to impulses reaching them from the terminal or ostial parts of the great veins ; the latter have a higher power of spontaneous Cardura For Bph rhythm, and dominate the rhythm of the whole heart. 6. The normal sequence of the ventricular contrac- tion upon the auricular contraction in the intact heart is essentially determined by nervous influence. 6. The nervous influence determin- ing the ventricular sequence is probably of an intermittent character. 7. The propagation of the contraction wave within the walls of the auricles and ventricles is not dependent on the action of the nerves lying near the surface of these parts. 8. In the auricles the ordinary beat is not the result of a simultaneous motor discharge from a nerve- center to all muscular fibers, but a progressive process passing over the auricular walls in a wave-like fashion. 9. A reversal of the normal sequence of Cardura E10 the heart's contraction Cardura E10p can be induced by applying to the ventricles a series of induction shocks at a rate more rapid than that of the spontaneous rhythm of the organ. t s r e 1 1 a n 2 The Seventh Decennial Convention for Revising the Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America. — The president of the convention of 1880, Dr. Robert Amory, has issued the following circular: Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with and by virtue of the authority vested in me by the convention of 1880, I hereby call upon the several incorporated medical societies, incorporated medical col- leges, incorporated colleges of pharmacy, and incorporated pharmaceu- tical societies throughout the United States of America, the American Medical Association, and the American Pharmaceutical Association, to elect a number of Cardura 6 Mg delegates, not exceeding three, and Cardura Vs Flomax upon the Surgeon- General of the army, Surgeon-General of the navy, and the Surgeon- General Order Cardura of the Marine-Hospital Service to appoint, each, not exceeding three medical otticers to attend a general convention for the revision and puijlication of the Ph.irmacopcuia of the United States of America Cardura E10p Msds to assemble in the city of Washington, D. i.)., on the first Wednesday of May, Cardura Bph 1890 (May 7th), at twelve o'clock noon. The several bodies,

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