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In the clonic phase the glottidean lips relax and approach under the in- fluence of the nervous dischariie, which acts alternatelv on the lateral and posterior crico-aryta^noids ; these alternate movements are of the same rapidity as the shocks of the affected thoracic muscles ; a com- parative graphic examination shows a synchronism of the laryngeal and respiratory muscular shocks. The author has followed out the influence of simple and epileptoid cerebral excitation on the circulatory apparatus, and states that experimenters have usually used curarized animals to avoid voluntary movements, and this has misled them into giving false statements as regards the different vital phenomena which occurred in each individual case ; for a curarized animal is in a state of internal or marked epilepsy, and simple and epileptoid fits provoked by cortical excitations are characterized by difl:'erent vital manifestations. The author's conclusions may be formulated as follows: (A) 1. The circula- tory modifications which accompany complete epilejjtoid convulsions, tonico-clonic, produced by cortical excitations, are expressed l)y slow- ing of the heart during the general tonic phase, and acceleration dur- ing the do you need a prescription for buspar clonic convulsions. The vascular tension should be increased during the general tetanus and vascular spasm, but the slowing of the heart dominates over the tension by slowing it, while in the clonic period the tension is considerably increased. 45 mg buspar 2. The circulatory and vascular trouble in an incomplete clonic attack presents the same features as in the clonic stage. 3. In abnormal attacks, where a tonic attack occurs between two clonic, each phase presents the features enunciated above as characteristic of each individual attack. 4. A cur- rent of considerable intensity applied to a curarized animal brings the latter into a stage of a marked epileptic attack, or internal epilepsy ; and the circulatory troubles correspond to the rules given above. The author was guided in identifying the statements by the pupillary dilata- tions, by curarizing an animal so as to avoid the poisoning of one of its limbs, and by this means he was enabled to follow out the manifes- tations. (B) 1. As regards the vascular and cardiac effects in provoked epilepsy, the vascular spasm is a rule for all forms and phases of at- tacks ; there is an independence between the cardiac and vascular phe- nomena, an augmented vascular pressure occurring during a tonic fit, etc. ; the dependence of the vascular and cardiac phenomena referred to above is true only of the ternunal periods of attacks. 2. As regards the vaso-motor effects of simple, non-epileptic origin, the vaso-constrict- or phenomena only were observed ; the vaso-dilator occurred in insuffi- cient manner to deduce conclusions. The vascular constriction is at buspar generic buspirone its maximum when the marginal buspar 10 mg three times day convolution is stimulated. The vascular reaction produced by the stimulation of any region in the cortex is a general one ; it is no more marked even in the parts which depend functionally upon the cerebral region excited than in other parts. The true vaso-motor centers are situated in the medulla, and they only re- ceive cerebral as well as peripheral incitations. 3. The experiments of the cardiac effects of simple, not epileptic, nature consequent upon cor- tical excitation, lead the author to deny buspar 10mg pills the existence of cortical centers regulating the heart, for, regardless of the area excited, there average cost buspar occurs either acceleration or depression of the heart in a regular manner, but which can not be predicted ; the excitable cerebral surface behaves as a sensory surface toward the cardiac reactions buspar 10mg high as well as to other organic reactions. (C) 1. Bilateral pupillary dilatation, which may be partial sometimes, insensibility of the iris to light, projection forward and fixa- tion of the ocular globes, divergence of the eyelids, congestion of the fundus of the eyes and conjunctiva, is the rule for epileptoid attacks buspar 15 mg of cortical origin, however insignificant the where can i buy buspar online attack may be. In localized attacks, even those buspar generic problems affecting the face, the pupillary dilatation is absent, or at least not much marked. The pupillary symptoms are independent of the form of the attacks, the character of the heart work, and the existence or non-existence of vascular spasms. The pupils dilate in the beginning generic buspar price of the attack, soon reach their who makes generic buspar maximum dilatation, and be- come normal with the cessation of the attack. The pupillary effects are bilateral as a rule, but sometimes only the pupil opposite to the hemisphere excited is affected. 2. In the case of buspar 30 mg high organic or Internal epilepsy, buspar 15 mg high produced by cerebral excitation of a curarized animal, the pupils give the same features as those referred to, corresponding buspar cost australia to the manifestation of the internal, not visible, epileptoid attacks. 3. The simple non-epileptic pupillary modifications produced by cerebral stimu- lation are contractions. 4. There is no localized center for a special pupillary function. The Cerebro-sensitive Visual Center in the Dog. buspar 10mg tab — Alexandre N. 8U0 h' /■:/'() /r/s n\ riU': rnodUEss of mkdicise. |N. V. Mki). Jul k., VlUonC'Iji Fntncu in6d.," No, 88, l8XN)^iai«s tli.i . x). Mincntul re- HourolieH to loculi- llio oiTcltro-soiiKilivr center of vit-ion in iiMiMiiilH do not upve with eiioli otiier in buspar 15 mg twice day tliu iiunilH of liilTeient experiiiicnlerH. Munl( HlateH tliiil if Kerrier, Yeo, Lueiani, und otliiMM miv tliiil tiie visuni et-nter exiMts in the itnpihtr gyrnH, it is liecuurte of liie eon- tui^iotiH or inlluiiuiiutorv irritationM imhieeti upon the oeeijiitikl lobes while o|)eralinn upon the annuhir Kynis. In iHHtl (Jolt/ put forwuni the view that it was ilnp;ray sul)slance of the visinil /.one of Munk on one side. Immediately after the operation the animal was hlind in the eye opposite much does buspar cost without insurance to the lesion produced, hut, it is ailded, the vision was not uhsohitely impaired buspar available generic after convalescence. The author produced further nnalo>;ou8 lesions of both occipital lobes, and he concludes that in dofjs the integrity of vision is in relation with the intej^rity of the occipital lobes ; a destruction of both lobes brings about an innnediate and permanent cessation of vision of both eyes. The center of visual perception in dogs must be located in the posterior

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