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purpose could be attained by short washes or light sprays, com- bined with frictions. In chronic diseases, with deep tissue changes and marked functional disturbances, it was necessary to increase the fuuc- tional activity of most of the organs, to improve the condition of the blood, and. by improving the capillary circulation, to re- move the residuum of those tissue changes. For these purposes he used hot fomentations, dry packs, or wet packs under blank- ets, of long duration, followed by a cold half-bath or a cold 886 buy cheap benicar I'KUCKKDlNGti OF SOOIHTIES. [N. Y, benicar hct prices Mbo. Jocb., nhowor luith of Mliort (liiratiun, iiiwl tlu-ii hy nihWiiiKs ami activo movoMU'iit"* I'liili-aviiriMl to rostorr warmlli iiiiickly. Tlio «li'prosrtaiit motliod wan nf two Horts, aiili|»lilo>iislir niid Hinlativo. In tin- aiiti|>hli)nistio jilaii tin- lioal iiiuhI, lit* willi- drawn slowly, for, if it wa« alisJrnctod Muddi>nly and iapi «li«i'i»or ti^HUos woio tliorobv iiicroasod. More he UHod lialf liaMiM, («il/.-hath!«, wot packs of shorl duration, and wot ,>oniprossi'> I'rotinontly i-hunnotl. Tho siMlativc iiiothod was of use wlion the nerves were jtreatly excited. Heat was not then oonsiderahle, and its loss was but slowly restored. In snch oases niodernte or tepid teniperatiireH were to he |)reforred, and the appli»"iition benicar alternatives continued only a few nionionts. A low tonii)ora- ture was from 43 ' to 54'', a medium temi)oraturo from 54° to 05 ', and a tepid temperature from 05° to 80°. The use of the cold pack followed by massafre in the treat- ujcnt of aniemia he would only call attention to as showing the etlect of that procedure in benicar htc the way of increasing assimilation and promoting the absorption of nutritive material from the digestive canal. An increase in the elimination of urea during the hours of the i>!icks hud been demonstrated. It had also been shown that a vaso-motor neurosis was tho active element in the causation of neurasthenia or of that form of ana3mia de- pendent \\\wn a vice of assimilation and nutrition. The varieties in tho methods, and the differences in the eft'ects of tho hydropathic benicar hct cost processes, could be best illustrated by giving the history of a few cases. 1. A man in active business, who had all his life been sub- ject to indigestion, acidity of the stomach, constipation, and diarrhtva, noticed (luring the cost of benicar hct winter of ISSS-'G that be was very susceptible to cold. Pain and stitt'ness appeared in the shoulders and arms and spread over the entire body. The ab- domen, face, neck and eyelids, and the sclerotic membranes of the benicar canada eye shared in the general hardness and rigidity. He could lie in one position only fifteen or twenty minutes at a time. The buy generic benicar hands became so painful that they had to be carried across the chest, and could scarcely be raised to the mouth. Russian baths and the usual treatment for rheumatic gout benicar hct tablets had been thorou"hly tried without benefit. The case was finally diag- nosticated by Dr. Janeway, Dr. McBride, and others who were seen in consultation as one of sclerodermia. The course was supposed to bo inevitably progressive to a fatal end, and order benicar online that very speedily. The weight decreased in a benicar generic name few months from 209 to 163 pounds. The urine was found to be highly acid and loaded with benicar equivalent urates. The constant current was ajiplied for three months with the effect of only increasinir the pain without lessening the rii^idity. Purely hydropathic treatment was then adopted, the result of which was that the man's health was now nearly re- stored. The weight had increased to 184 pounds; the digestion had become good, benicar discount card the bowels regular, the movements of the legs almost normal, and those of the hands much improved; pain had entirely ceased ; the tenderness of the body had benicar savings card disap- peared; and the hardness had become limited to the fingers. The treatment, at first daily benicar generic alternative but gradually diminished to three times a week, had consisted of hot fomentations over the rigid parts followed by half-baths at a low temperature, and benicar generic equivalent then by massage with goose grease. Afterward this had been replaced by baths at 105° F., followed by benicar uk a cold falling douche lasting a minute or two, the object being to stimulate the capillary cir- culf.tion. At the present time the patient was receiving full wet packs, under blankets, an hour and a half in duration, fol- lowed by half-baths of medium temperature. The massage with goose-grease had been continued throughout. 2. This patient was a physician in New York, had been a victim of the morphine habit, and had been permanently cured in three montliH. Tho treatment had coiiHisted maiidy benicar hcl of a cold falling douche over the head and s|>inc, a wet iiandage worn night and day around the alxlomen, (covered with flannel and oil-nilk and
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