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Tuesday, April 9th : Alabama State Medical Society (Mobile) ; Florida State Medical Society (Key West) ; New York Medical Union (private) ; Medical Societies of tlie Counties of Jeffer- Generic Aygestin son (quarterly — Watertown). Oneida (quarterly — Utica), On- tario (quarterly), Rensselaer and Aygestin Cost Tioga (quarterly — Owego), N. Y. ; Newark, N. J., and Trenton (private), N. J., Medical Associations ; Bergen, N. J. (annual — Hackensack), and Cumberland, N. J. (annual), County Medical Societies ; Fair- field, Conn., County Medical Association (annual) ; Balti- more Gynsecological and Obstetrical Society. Wednesday, Ajnil 10th: New York Pathological Society ; New York Surgical Society ; American Microscopical Society of the City of New York ; Medico-legal Society ; Medical So- ciety of the County of Albany ; Tri Aygestin Online States Aygestin Price Medical Associa- tion (Port Jervis, N. Y.) ; Pittsfield, Mass., Medical Associa- tion (private) ; Philadelphia County Medical Society. Thursday, April 11th: New York Laryngological Society; Society of Medical Jurisprudence and State Medicine ; Brooklyn Pathological Society ; Medical Societies of the Counties of Cayuga and Fulton (quarterly), N. Y. ; South Boston, Mass., Medical Club (private); New London, Conn., County Medical Society (annual) ; Pathological Society of Philadelphia. Friday, April 12th: New York Academy of Medicine (Section in Neurology); Yorkville Medical Association (private); Medical Society of the Town of Saugerties, N. Y. Saturday, April 13th : Obstetrical Society of Boston (private). jrotc^trxngs of Soctctics. MEDICAL Aygestin 5mg SOCIETY OF THE COUNTY OF NEW YORK. Meeting of February 25, 1S89. The President, Dr. A. S. Hunter, in the Chair. Continued Discussion on the Value of Water in Thera- peutics. — Dr. A. Jacobi read a paper in which allusion was made Buy Norethindrone Acetate to the fact that he had been expelled from a certain insti- tution twenty Aygestin Tablets years before on tiie charge of being guilty of using cold water in the treatment of sick children. Reference was made to rules as to the use of water given in papers already published by him. Dr. S. II. Dessau believed that a leading cause of disease in infants would be stopped when nurses and motiiers were taught to give an infant water instead of milk as a means of soothing it whetiever it chanced to become restless. Cold water should also be given freely in summer diarrlnjoa. A daily bath was an ex- cellent tonic for infants; it should be of warm water until after the fourth or the sixth month, when the temperature might be reduced a degree each week until baths of a temperature of 70° F. were given in winter, and of still cooler water in summer. Only the precaution should be taken to immerse the child slowly. The cold bath was Norethindrone Acetate Tablets the best means of obviating the tendency shown by strumous children to catarrhal affections. Sponging of the chest and spinal column was a good means of checking an attack of laryngismus stridulus. Convulsions in children, accom|)anied by fever, could be arrested by a cold pack; where they resulted from some irritation, a hot bath at 112° F. acted as Buy Cheap Aygestin a cerebral sedative. He had successfully used cold enemata in summer diarrhoea, hot intestinal douches for the sciatica resulting from chronic colitis, and cold sponging along the spine as a tonic in chlorosis and phthisis, and had injected water subcutaneously in hun- dreds of cases for the relief of local pain. Dr. Vincent Zolnowski read a paper in which he called attention to the importance of thoroughly studying the physio- Aygestin 5 Mg logical principles involved in the use of water before attempt- ing to make a practical application of them. The remedy was often as powerful for evil as for good, and (he failures which attended the hydropathic treatment of diseases were but too often due to the method employed. Intelligent hydropathic treatment could not be learned from the text-books alone; on the contrary, good judgment and much experience were needed to enable one to make the action of water curative. In every case the condition of the kidneys, lungs, heart, and liver needed careful .study. The previous life-history of each patient was Buy Aygestin to be investigated and the age taken into careful account. In the same person the treatment was to be varied each day to suit the varying condition of the circulation, temperature, and vital resistance. The atmospheric temperature must always be con- sidered in deciding upon the degree of cold or heat required. Each individual had his own characteristics and was a law to himself. This law underlay his organism, and was to be ascer- tained if possible. Any mental distress lowered the vital re- sistance. Water might be used as an antiphlogistic, as a sedative, as an excitant tonic, as a derivative, or as a solvent, but there were two general methods to be followed, which were: 1. The ex- citant. 2. The depressant. As an excitant it should be used quickly and the degree of temperature proportioned to the degree of irritability to be overcome — that is, the less the degree of irritability the lower must be the temperature of the water used to get a reaction. The withdrawal of heat from the economy should Buy Aygestin Online be small in amount and correspond to the rajudity of its formation. This

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