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Castle a Hiiildini; Conwnittee. The final losartan vs avapro paj'nient on the lots Nos. 17, l'.>, and '21 West Forty-third Street must bo made on the tirst day of May. when the transfer of the title will take place. The .Vcadciny is already in |)ossession of sullicieiit means to erect the new building, but lacks .several thousand dollars of the amount necessary to purchase iho site. Fellows of the Academy who have not already contributed to the building fund should send their donations without delay to Dr. J. E. Janvrin, treasurer of the committee, at 191 Madison Avenue. A number of fellows have given $1,000, and the list of amounts in three numerals buy cheap avapro is already (piite extended, but needs to be more than doubled. The need for ])ronipt subscriptions is urgent." The Medico-chirurgical College, of Philadelphia, held its annual coiiimencemont exercises on Thursday, the 4th iiist. On the preceding avapro generic name evening Professor Thaddeus A. Kearny, of Cin- cinnati, delivered the annual oration before the Alumni Asso- ciation, after wliich the association gave a dinner in honor of Dr. IJeauiy. The Medical Microscopical Society of Brooklyn held a meeting on Wednesday evening, the 3d inst., at the lloagland Laboratory, at which Dr. Ileitzman gave a demonstration of the minute structure of the basis substance of bone tissue, and Dr. .lones a demonstration of ulcers cm mucous surfaces, A avapro recall Medical Bill of the Olden Time. -Dr. Wiggins, of Huntington, Long Island, a century ago, had some of the " poor order avapro practice '" of that town. He has left a bill against the super- visors for the treatment of an Indian maiden, Catharine by name : "1763. March 10, Indian Catig to avapro cost visit, bleeding & droj)? " April 1, Do avapro coupon to visit, pills, bleeding & drops. *' Do Cash po. vial, drops 2s " April 30, Do to visit & med " Do to Loaf Bread, 8 lb. pork, 7 lb. flour & rice d. 9 10 8 6 £1 10 1 " Do to 2 lb. sugar & Quart rum. . 2 10." From this we judge that Dr. Wiggins followed up his anti- phlogistic regimen with an ample diet and stimulation. Changes of Address.— Dr. Alfred Ludlow Carroll, from New i^righton, Stateu Island, to No. 30 West Fifty-ninth Street, New York ; Dr. Sherwood Dunn, formerly of New Y'ork, from No. 14 avenue de I'Opera to No. 15 rue des Pyramides, Paris. Army Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the Sta- tions and Duties order avapro online of Officers serving in the Medical Department, United States Army, from March 11 to March 30, 1889 avapro discount card : Newtox, Richard C, Captain and Assistant Surgeon. By direction of the Secretary avapro alternatives of War, the leave of 'absence firanted in S. O. avapro 75 mg 272, November 21, 1888, is extended to in- clude May 22, 18H9. Par. 17. S. avapro avalide (). (i4, A.CJ.O., Washing- tt.n, March 19, 18M9. The resignation of Uiciiakd (!. .Nkwto.n. (Ja|)tain and Assistant Surgeon, avapro coupons has bee^ accepted by the President, to take eU'ect May 22, 18H9, Par. 18, S. (). «4, A. V,. ()., Washington, March 19, 1HK9. Maiih, Loiih M., (la|)taiti and Assistant Surgeon (I*"ort Schuyler, New York Harbor), will proceed to Camj) S. B. Luce, Fish- er's Island, N. avapro price Y., with Battery K, .5th U. S. Artillery, and report to the avapro tablet camp commander for a tour of rifle practice. avapro 10 mg Par. 10, S. (). 158, ileadcpiarters Division of the Atlantic, (lovernor's Island, New Y'ork ('ity, Aug. 2, 1889. Atlanta Barracks, (Ja., established by (i. O. 28, A. (i. ()., March 21, 1889. Deavapro vs diovan by telegram from the commanding officer.

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