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imply. THE BORDEAUX POLYCLINIC. The members of the staff of this institution, M. E. J. Moure, M. A. Pousson, and M. W. Dubreuille, have founded a semi- annual journal of general medicine, Cheap Atrovent the " Annales de Atrovent Online la poly- clinique de Bordeaux." The first number, for January, 1889, Order Atrovent Online an octavo of sixty-four pages, contains Purchase Atrovent interesting articles by all those gentlemen, and presents Buy Cheap Atrovent a creditable appearance. ITEMS, ETC. Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the follow- ing statement of cases and deaths reported during the two weeks ending April 3, 1889 : DISEASES. Typhoid fever Scarlet fever Cerebro-spinal meningitis . Measles Diphtheria Week Order Atrovent ending Mar. 36. Week endi Cases. Deaths. Cases. 7 2 8 435 Buy Aerovent 61 446 3 1 Purchase Atrovent Online 4 184 19 134 158 39 171 Deaths. 5 62 3 12 54 Bellevue Hospital Medical College.— Generic Atrovent The following changes have Buy Atrovent occurred in the Buy Atrovent Online corps of teachers: Dr. E, L.

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