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for tho amount of work done by it. In tho years 18H6, 1887, and IHHS, tho iiumberrt of patients treated were 22,31)0, 27,570, and :'H,4'.)n, Teva Atorvastatin respectively; those of the proHcriptions dispensed, '2(>,74(i, ;{!>,(ii»|. and 5H,or)i»; and those of consultations ari anAtorvastatin Calcium Tablets the respective yeai-H were $5,14:5.20, $8,4«(».(iH, and $10,- 584.60, /. «., they wore more than Atorvastatin Ca doubled in throe years. Addi- tional space, as a consequence, Atorvastatin Generic Availability is needed, also more money, and we hope that the institution will soon be enabled to meet its enlarged necessities. THE C().M!N(; i'llAK.MACOIMEIAL CONVENTION. In a little more than a year from now, as is stated in a notice to be found elsewhere in this issue, the convention of 1890 for the revision and publication of the United States Pharmacopoeia will be hold in Washington. It is pleasing to observe to what extent the labors of the convention — necessarily onerous — have been facilitated by the members of the convention of 1880. This is shown particularly in Dr. Robert Amory's timely and detailed notification, in the excellent character of the present pharmacopoeia, and in the fact that a considerable sum of money was saved by the last convention and is now available for the purposes Sandoz Atorvastatin of the convention of 1890. It is to he hoped that the various corporations entitled to representation will Atorvastatin Fenofibrate send their best men to Atorvastatin Spc Washington, for the work is one that none others can do well. THE ADMINISTRATION OF IRON IN CHLOROSIS. At a recent meeting of the Obstetrical Society of London, an account of which we find in the " British Medical Journal,'" a Atorvastatin Trials paper having been read Discount Atorvastatin by Dr. W. Stephenson, of Aberdeen, "On the Relation between Chlorosis and Menstruation," Dr. Leith Napier supported the opinion that chlorosis depended upon climate to a certain extent ; and spoke of the rarity of its coincidence with tuberculosis. As to the form of iron to be given, Bland's pills were very useful, but the speaker preferred an old Berwickshire surgeon's prescription of a mixture of equal parts of iron filings, cream of tartar, and licorice powder, as much as would cover a shilling being given daily. "THE AMERICAN ARMAMENTAKIUM CHIRURGICUM." We have received from Messrs. Tieraann & Co. a copy of their new catalogue of instruments, a volume of 846 pages, con- taining 3,414 illustrations, which include all the paraphernalia, apparatus, and instruments likely to be used or needed in any surgical operation upon the human body. Many of the instru- ment cuts are accompanied by descriptive text and instruction in their use, and not a few by somewhat lengthy extracts from works on surgery and articles that have appeared in medical journals. While these extracts — they might properly be classed as monographs — contain much information, Atorvastatin Ppt we think they are out of place in a slirgical catalogue, as their introduction there would seem to presuppose a lack of knowledge or of books, Atorvastatin Canada or a failure to keep up Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg with the advances in surgery, as chronicled in books and journals, on the part of the surgeon. It is in keeping, however, with the American tendency to overdo, and as such calls for only passing comment. The mechanical Atorvastatin Brand Names part April 6, 1889.1 MINOR PARAORAPHS.— ITEMS. 383 of the book Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg is very creditable, the illustrations, like the instru- ments made Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics by Tieraann & Co., are excellent, and the cata- logue, as a whole, is one that will prove invaluable as a book of reference to surgeons and physicians. AN OPENING FOR A DOCTOR. Much has been said about the overcrowded state of the medical profession in the United States. As we have Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin often implied, the evil is more apparent than Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin real, and there are still large districts in which there is actually a dearth of practi- tioners. One such region, in Tennessee, has lately been brought to our attention by Mr. James H. Cocke, a merchant of the town of Lambert. Mr. Cocke states that there is no practicing physician within a district eight miles square, including that town. He Atorvastatin Calcium Generic is therefoi'e desirous of inducing one to settle in that place, where, he says, there is " a good paying pi-actice." He prefers a married man, and says that he will supply him with a comfortable house for a small family at a merely nomi- nal rental as an inducement to the right kind of man. RIGGS'S DISEASE UNDER A NEW NAME. In the " Gazette hebdoraadaire de m6decine et de chirurgie " for March 1st, M. David proposes the term Fauchard's disease for the affection of the dental alveoli now known as Riggs's disease. It seems that Fauchard, the "father of dental sur- gery," described the disease in 1728, but he called it a species of scurvy. On this account, and because Fauchard's descrip- tion was meager, we think our countryman, Dr. Riggs, the better entitled of the two to any credit that the name Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate may

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