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April 6, 1889.] LEADING ARTICLES. 381 the human body is in some respects imperfect. The exposition of its alleged persistent weak points referred to Purchase Trihexyphenidyl in the preced- ing article must convince even the most arrogant of this melan- choly fact. Even if not exactly poor worms, we are ])Oorer in spots than was formerly believed. Yet there is comfort in the situation after all. It is well to remember that there are two kinds of perfection, the mathematical and the utilitarian. And the glory of the one is not the glory of the other. The first is quite outside the sphere of vital Artane Price action. It is the prerogative of minerals and machinery. Man in mathematical perfection could not exist for a single instant. The proposition must be dismissed. Imperfect as it is, the human body is the best pos- sible under the circumstances. Its imperfections are Artane Online inevitable and essential, the result of the adaptation of means to the greatest number of ends. THE POPULATIOX OF THE FUTURE. What, then, of mankind in the future, according to the evolutionary idea? Civilization everywhere has had for its antecedent the increase of population. Numbers beyond the means of subsistence constitute a never-ceasing requirement for skill, intelligence, and self-control, and involve the exercise and growth of these qualities. Order Trihexyphenidyl The peaceful struggle for existence in a society that becomes ever more complex calls Artane Tablets for an in- crease of the nervous centers in mass, complexity, and activity. The larger emotion needed as the source of energy for men who must hold their own and bring up families under intensi- fying competition is, other things being equal, the correlative of larger brain. In the original cost of construction and in subsequent cost of working, the nervous system must become a heavier tax Buy Artane upon the organism. This implies a diminished reserve of material for race maintenance, owing to the costli- ness of nerve Order Trihexyphenidyl Online structure and nerve function. But this greater emotional and intellectual power Order Artane Online and activity must be under- stood as becoming, by small increments, organic, spontaneous, and pleasurable. The higher nervous development and greater expenditure in nervous action must not Buy Artane Online be taken to mean an intenser strain or a mentally laborious life. Even now, when relieved from the pressure of necessity, the Caucasian's pas- sionate energy Artane 1 Mg finds voluntary expression in enterprises and ac- tivities which the savage could not possibly keep up to satisfy urgent wants. In still higher degree our descendants seem destined to find the joy of living in careers entailing even greater mental expenditui'e. The demand for increased mate- rial to establish and carry on psychical functions will be a con- stitutional demand. Evolution points to a greater adjustment of man Buy Trihexyphenidyl to his surroundings. In all its aspects, whether general or .special, it is an advance toward equilibrium. Man, as now constituted, fails in certain matters. Failures to meet some of the outer actions to which he is exposed — actions mostly in- volved, remote, irregular — and failures to counteract the sepa- rate and joint forces amid which the organism exists, are the sum and substance of man's incompleteness. " Were there Purchase Artane Online no changes in the environment but such a? the organism has adopted changes to meet, and were it never to fail in the effi- ciency with which it met them, there would be eternal exist- ence and universal knowlege." The necessary antagonism of individuality and genesis not only fulfills with precision the a priori law of maintenance Buy Cheap Artane of race, from monad up to man, but insures final attainment of the highest form of this Artane 2 Mg maintenance, in which the amount of life shall be the greatest possible, and the births and deaths the fewest possible. War is becoming unfashionable to a certain extent, accidents are fewer and fewer as civilization advances, disease in many forms is now known to be preventable, and these forms will doubtless be prevented in the future, women are becoming better instructed in regard to their place in nature and the care of their oflfspring, and men are learning how to value and care for women so as to aiFord them the Order Artane best health and development. Excess of fertility has rendered the process of civilization inevitable; and the process of civilization must inevitably diminish fertility and at last destroy its excess. Pressure of population has been the proximate cause of prog- ress, producing the original diffusion of the race, compelling men to abandon agriculture, forcing them into the social state, and making social organization inevitable. It has developed all social sentiments and stimulated to progressive improvements in production, to increased skill and intelligence, and to closer contact and more mutually dependent relationships. When the habitable pai'ts of the globe are raised to the highest state of culture, when all processes for the satisfaction of human wants are brought to perfection, when the intellect is developed to competency for its work and the feelings are trained into com- plete fitness for social life, the pressure of population must gradually bring Buy Trihexyphenidyl Online itself to an end. Humanity seems destined to excel in quality rather than in numbers. American mothers may some time share Generic Artane the proud position and dignity of the lioness in the fable, who, when twitted in an assemblage of other animals with the fact of producing only one at a birth, replied grimly and much Purchase Artane to the point: " But that one Purchase Trihexyphenidyl Online is a lion."

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