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a razor, or a Aralen Phosphate thread. .^ bamboo knife is sometimes used, as the latter is supposed to be less apt to e.xcite inflammation than a steel blade. Circumcision of male infants is practised among the Moros as a requirement of their religion. It is performed by a Mohammedan priest, called by them lebbe or kali, who comes to the house by invitation. The boy is carefully washed and dressed, and is Purchase Aralen Online then taken around the village attended by Cost Of Chloroquine a large pro- Order Aralen Online cession of relatives, headed by the priest and a band of native musicians. Upon returning to the house, refreshments, consisting usually of sherbet and cof- fee, are served, and partaken of by the entire gather- ing. Subsequently, the priest mutters a few pray- ers, takes the child, places him naked on a rice pounder or block of wood, reads a prayer from the Koran, seizes the prepuce between the thumb and forefinger, draws it out, and with one incision of a sharp blade, kept expressly for this purpose, removes about one fourth of an inch. This com- pletes the ceremon}'. The child is then laid on a mat or bed, Aralen Price and kept on his back for seven days. On the What Is Chloroquine eighth day he is bathed, but not allowed to leave the house until the wound is thoroughly healed. No stitches are taken, but the repair Aralen Cost is allowed to take place entirely by granulation. Girls two to three years old, usually, but sometimes older, are subjected to an operation performed by a Moham- medan woman, in which the hymen is cut with scis- sors to the extent of about one twelfth of an inch. No ceremony is observed in connection with this. A small percentage of the Filipino children are treated by slitting the prepuce from below upward with a knife. The mother's milk is, Buy Chloroquine as a rule, not given to the child for three or four days after birth, a neighbor- ing woman supplying the needed nourishment. Mastitis is a very uncommon complication during confinement, and if it occurs Buy Aralen Online very little Chloroquine Buy is done for it. Aralen Online In difiicult or complicated cases of labor, such as abnormal presentations, failure of the pains, etc., they are without rational or effective resource. For tedious labors, it is said that the native ciirandcros procure a piece of human skull, grind it to a fine powder, mix this with lime Buy Aralen juice, and, with this liquid, paint the soles of the patient's feet. Among the Moros, prayers and charms are likewise relied upon, and Arabic remedies brought from Mecca Chloroquine Aralen are held in high esteem. They Purchase Aralen have no instruments for use in the artificial aid of delivery. Death of the new-born is not uncommon, but a fatal result seldom happens to the mother. Multiple births do not often occur, twins or triplets at most. There is no knowledge or practice among the Moros that can be dignified by the name of surgery. It is believed that this is in general a correct state- ment, although my information is somewhat con- flicting upon this point, some of my informants tell- ing me that they have a rude and limited surgery, setting Aralen Tablets broken bones with splints of the midrib of the cocoanut leaf, using certain herbs for cuts, etc. But, certainly, among the Moros generally, there is no surgery, and absolutely no rational practice of medicine. The latter is simply a species of Sham- anism, which is observed among most primitive races, by whom it is believed that spiritual or super- natural powers, both Chloroquine Price good and evil, occupying the earth and Chloroquine Tablets surrounding space, cause all things to happen. They are firm believers in incantations, charms, and witchery. Their preventive medicine consists in wearing an amulet which is purchased from a pandita or priest. The latter reads a pra3'er from the Koran and writes it down upon paper, parchment, silver, copper, or lead ; this he wraps in many layers of paper, and finally sews into a muslin HARVEY: NATIVE MEDICAL PRACTICE IN THE PHILIPPINES. IN. Y. Med, Jour., cover colored with saffron and made with long taper- ing extremities, with a noose at one end ; this is fast- ened about the waist or other part of the body by the owner, and, while so worn, is Buy Cheap Aralen supposed to protect against sickness and evil. The pandilas ask differ- ent prices for these charms, alleging that the higher priced ones are most potent. The Moro name for this article is agidinat, and it is known as anting- anting among the Filipinos, who also believe in its efficacy, but whose belief in the Christian religion .causes them to reject the idea that there is Order Aralen any virtue in the Koran, so that among them a peculiar stone or pebble is used, one of peculiar shape, color, or markings, which is likewise sewed into a piece of muslin long enough to be tied around the body and so worn as an amulet. it appears, however, that they are not all wholly ignorant or indifferent to other and better modes of practice, as, in severe or chronic ailments, they are glad to avail themselves of the services of skilled practitioners, and some Moros and many Filipinos at Zamboanga have sought the advice of army sur-

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