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[N. Y. Mkd. JoDi:., in |ini iiti h- liit witli, '>n llic whole, uiin.h i-i.uiMiy Tlio oiii|ili>vmi-Ml ()t■|a^^r^« (Idsoh Ampicillin 500 Mg nf (jiiinino iik nti aiitipyn'tic liiid it« orijjiii in Itiily in flio oarly di-nitli-s of tliin ("oiitiiry,! Hnr H tiino wart wildly lamlod, but homii naiik into disroputo to l)o iilfain In-oiiK'lit I'ortli in roounl yyarn. If tlicrc \h present a mala- rial conipliration, y >-onie writers should never he jjiven. Ijninine j^iveii in piieiinionic fever has a had t-trect upon the ai>petite ami Order Ampicillin di^restion.J imd rre(|ner)tly excitcH nansoa and vom- iting;." In larjje it is liahle to canse marked cardiac weak- ness,! profuse cold Ampicillin 500 perspirations, and profound nervous depres- sion. It is a feehle and uncertain anli|)yretic, and I have soon no instance in which it had favorably modified the natural of tlu' disease. It has hei'ii thouirht by some tliat ])yroxiu is salutary and that it shouhl not be interfered with." Thus I.oomis^ says that it is proper to reduce the fever if it can he etVected by nuxlerate means, but ho does not approve of the ein|)loymeut of extraordinary and perturbatinfr measures for this pnrposo. Flint J affirms that the idea that fever is a con- servative process bears the stamp of absnrdity iipoii its face. ( To he CO iicl tided.) A CASE OF HEMATURIA IN THE MALE, RESEMBLING IN ITS PERIODICAL RECURRENCE THE MENSTRUAL EPOCH. By warren B. CIIAPIN, A. M., M. D. Those remarkable instances where hseraatiiria in the male takes place periodically once a month, simulating menstruation in its cyclical appearance, are among the rare occurrences of medical practice. Quite a number of cases have been recorded where a periodical discharge of blood through the female urethra has supplanted the menstrual flux, but in the literature on the subject I can find but three cases recorded where the monthly di.scharge has occurred in the male. Rayer Buy Ampicillin Online J mentions two cases — one of a Sedan butcher whose infirmity created such a feeling of disgust Buy Acillin among his customers that they refused longer to buy meat from him. * Baldwin, " Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.," vol. xiii, p. 299 ; Bennett, " Edinb. Med. Jour.." Jan., 1852 ; Guersant, "Die. de m6d.," t. xxvi, p. 584 ; Lebert, "Berliner k. Woch.," Sept. Cheap Ampicillin 18, 1871 ; Lewis, "N. 0. Med. Jour.," vol. ii, p. 629, and vol. iv, p. 174; Melier, "Mens, de I'acad. de m^d.," t. X, p. 722; Peters, "Med. Rec," Feb. 21, 1885, p. 217 ; Rip- ley, ibid., p. 217; Schriitter, " Sitz. d. k. k. Acad, zu Wien," Bd. Ixii, Abth. ji; Smith, "Med. Purchase Ampicillin Rec.," Feb. 27, 1886, p. 238. f La Roche, op. Buy Ampicillin «7., p. 471. :j: Jacob], "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," Feb. 5, 1887, p. 166. * Ripley, iltid. I See, also, Jayne, "Med. New.*," Nov. 10, 1888, p. 520; Chirone, " Gaz. hebdom.," 1875. ^ Nothnagel, " N. Y.Med. Jour.," Jan. 3, 1885, p. 14; Sassetzky, Yirchow's "Arch.," 1883. "Med. Rec," Feb. 11, 1888, p. 146. X "Trans, of the Ninth Int. Med. Cong.," Washington, Ampicillin 500mg 1887. 1 " Mai. des reins," vol. iii. Chopart cites the cohc of a young soldier who had a munthly diHchargc of bloody urine, mrc.ompanied by all the (•liaructeristi<' Kym[)toiiis of menKtrnation. The rarity of this condition jironipts inc to report the following <'aHc which came under my care: The patient, a gentleman (ifty-oight years of ago, weighing about two hundreOnline Ampicillin his urine, and since that time the hiemorrhage has returned every month. The amoimt of blood lost daily during these attacks was about an ounce and a half, the discharge lasting four or five (\aye. These attacks recurred so regularly that he was always able to tell the day on which to expect his "'sickness." Kach period was usu- ally [)receded by nau.sea, dizziness, pains, and heaviness in the lumbar region, and sometimes headache. On several occasions there were lancinating pains along the of the ureters, radiating to the end of the penis. At the next micturition the stream would suddenly stop, and continue when he assumed the horizontal position. Soon after this a small blood-clot would pass through the urethra. The urine

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