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Hovereono indued. Two hours previouH to my visit tiiodyHpna'a wftH iirfjent, cynnosiM marked, temperature 10(5°, ykin cool and bathed in a profuse chimmy perspiration, the mind oidivioiiH to its siirroiindinf^s, and tho patient was tliou);ht to l>e dyin^'. Twenty drops of tincture of di-^italis was now givt-n, and tiie se repeated inoncand t wo iiours — tlie lust imMiediatuly l)cforo my arrival. I found the child sittinj^ up in bed, eatinj? a howl of soup, for which ho hud called. Tho pnlse wa« (50, renpirationH 40, and temperature 101", and mind clear. Oonvalesconce bo- gun at once and complete recovery speedily ensued. A younji: man. t'iven to excesses of all kinds, was taken, during' the ni^ht of .lune !>. 1H«(», with a severe allopurinol cost chill, followed allopurinol online by the ordinary symptoms of pneumonic fever, locally affecitinf: the entire ritrlit lunjr. The malady pursued a severe course and allopurinol uk on the cost of allopurinol .seventh day ho was somi-comutose, with a dry and dark tongue and the teeth covered with sordcs; there was no call for water, yet when allopurinol iv it was presented to him he drank with avidity; there was anorexia and he would partake of no solid food, al- thouirh li(iuids wore readily swallowed; there was diarrho-a, with unconscious evacuation of faices ; the urine was scanty, dark, and loaded with lithates ; there was a moderate cough, with infrequent but copious expectoration of dark matter; there was a low, muttering delirium, with reaching after imaginary objects and picking at the bed-clothes; the pulse was 140, respirations 08, allopurinol rxlist and temperature 104^ On the following day, after profuse epistaxis, there was a marked amelioration of the symptoms, but by the next day he was worse than when I tirst saw him on the seventh day. One drachm of the tincture of digitalis was now given at a single dose. Defervescence began in a i^'K hours and by the next morning he was fully convalescent. Strophanthus,* ooiivallaria,f lantanin,J stryclininc,* spar- teine,! and other heart tonics ^ may be employed to meet special indications. As a simple depressant, antimony may order allopurinol be prescribed,^ although it buy allopurinol online has of late years fallen into obscurity. * Chew, "Med. Rec," May 7, 1887, p. 515; Fraser. "Brit. Med. Jour.," Nov., 1885; Hutchinson, ibid.. May 7, 1887; Smith, "Med. Rec." Dec. 18, 1886. p. 694; et at. t Logan, " Lancet," Nov. 17, 1883. X "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," Dec 11, 1886 ; " London Med. Rec," Oct., 1886. ** Maragliano, "Med. Presse," Nov. 21, 188.3. B Pawinski, " Gaz. Lekarska," 1888; See, "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," Oct. 30, 1886, p. 500. '^Bruuton, "St. Barth. Hosp. Rep.," 1871, p. 216; Jiirgensen, Ziems.-^en's " Handb.," Bd. v, 1877, S. 264 ; Ziemssen, " .Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," May 4, 1887, p. 536. ^ Blaki.-iton, " Dis. of the Chest," London, 1848; Brendel, " Opusc med.." Goett.. 1769; Burghardt, " Inaug. Diss.," Berlin, 1824; Cham- bers, op. cit.; CuUen, " Prac. of Phys.," 1792; Fontaneilles, "Arch. g6n. de med.," 1824 ; Forbes, Laennee's " Dis. of the Chest," New York, 1830 ; Fuller, " Dis. of the Lungs," 1867 ; Gerhard, " Dis. of allopurinol 50 mg the Chest," Philadelphia, 1860; Guersant, "Die de med.," t. viii; Hellis, "Clin. m6d.," Paris, 1826; Hirschel, " Arzneiw.," Berlin, 1768; Huxham, "On Fevers," London, 1739; .Jaecoud, " Med. Rec," May 7, 1887, p. 573; Laennec (A.). "Jour. med. de la Loire," 1825; Laennec, " Auscult. med.," Paris, 1819, et "Rev. med.," 1825; Lebeit, op. cit., Sept. 4, 1871 ; Lombard, "Arch. gen. de m6d." ; Paracelsu.«, allopurinol 20 mg " Biicher u. Schrift- en," Basel, 1589; Peschier, "Bib. Univ.," Geneva, 1822 ; Pringle, " Dis. of the Army," what is allopurinol 300 mg allopurinol 150 mg London, 1768; Rasori, op. cit., et brand name for allopurinol "Feb. petechiale." Milano, 1813; Recamier, "Gaz. med.," 1830; Richter, "Op. med.," 1780; allopurinol brand name Riverius, " Meth. cur. feb.," 1640; Rogers, "Lancet," 1887, vol. ii, p. 1168; Rostan, "Th^se de Paris," 1830; Schrotter, "Sitz. d. Antimony, flrHt oniployod by I'arjurolHUH, wan, until recently, very generally employed in the treatment of pneumonic fever, but it is now seldom prcHcribed.* For a long time it was used in moderate doHOs, when Itasori, early in the present century, advocated its employment in heroic doses. Laennec adopted this method with all allopurinol tablets 100mg the ardor of his nature, and the splendor of his name, coupled with his earne^tnesH and. the elegance of his diction, soon obtained for it a large and inllueritial follow- ing. The excessive and indiscriminate use of ho powerful a drug, however, could not long escape allopurinol pharmacology being followed by allopurinol brand names the most deleterious reHultH,tarid tho remedy soon fell into disgrace and comparative ob.scurity. Other sedatives — as, e. //,, acetate of lead, J bicarbonate of potassium,* tulipinc,|| catrarninc,'^ etc. — liave been recom- mended, but tiiose already mentioned arc so cflFcctive that nothiuj; is gained by the employment of secondary or un- certain agents. The exalted temperature should be reduced ^ to within moderate limit.s, and held there during the entire course of the dLsease. Tho measures heretofore mentioned will have partially brought about this result, but it is usually neces- sary to have recourse to more efHcient and direct antipy- retics. Of agents belonging to this class may be mentioned thalline,! kairin,| hydro-quinonc,J resorcin,** acetanilide,ft antipyrine, JJ etc.** Akad. starting allopurinol Wien," 1878; Swett, "Dis. of the Cheat," 1866; Thompson, "Lancet," New York, 1852, vol. i; Thorowgood, "Lancet," 1887, vol. ii, p. 1168 ; Tomassini, " Delia nuova dott. ital.," 1816, et " Peripneum.," 1817; Trousseau, "Clin. m6d."; Valentine, " Cur. triumphalis antimon." ; Valentine, " allopurinol generic name Flux, sur la Poitrine," Nancy, 1815 ; Watson, op. cit. ; Wel- ler, "Inaug. Diss.," Ziirich, 1854;, "Hufeland's .Jour.," 1824; Wolf, ilml., 1823; Williams, " Cyclp. of Prac. Med.," vol. iii.

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