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"Prac," Aug., 1868; Kocher, " Pneumonic," Wiirzb., 1866; Lebert, "Berliner k. Wochensehr.," 1871; Madden, "Med. Rec," April 23, 1887, p. 475; Montgomery, "St. Louis Med. and Surg. Jour.," Feb., 1878, p. 143 ; Newman, " Cin. Lan. and Obsv.," Sept., 1864, p. 524 ; Newman, "St. Louis Med. and Surg. Jour.," Feb., 1878, p. 130; Ney- man, " Cin. Lan. and Obsv.," Sept., 1862, p. 521 ; Osgood, " Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.," vol. xvi, p. 296 ; Percy, Alli Sale " Am. Med. Times," July 11, 1863 ; Ritter, " Deutsche Klin.," 1860 ; Roth, " Wiirzb. med. Zeitschr.," Bd. i u. iii; Schrotter, "Wiener Jahresb.," 1870, S. 123 ; Sidlo, "Arch, f. k. Med.," Bd. Alli Prices xiv ; Toland, " Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.," Oct., 1858 ; Uhle, " Arch. f. phys. Heilk.," Bd. iii ; Vogt, " Bull. gen. de therap," Jan., 1860; Walker, "Lancet," New York, 1882, vol. i, p. 112 ; Wilson, " Am. Prac," April, 1870 ; Woodson, ihkl, May, 1870; Zuber, " Bull. gen. de therap.," 1869, p. 468 ; Alexander, " Med. and Surg. Rep.," 1876 ; Alt, "Arch. f. k. Med.," Bd. ix; Bouyer, "L'Union med.," 1856; Drasche, " Oesterr. Zeitschr.," 1866; Nawroski, " Inavig. Diss.," Konigsb., 1858 ; Trapenard, " Gaz. des hop.," 1856. This remedy, a variety of which was advocated by Gessner * so early as the sixth century, and reintroduced to Coupon Alli Alli Coupons the profession, chieiiy through the writings of Norwood t and other American physicians, is a powerful and certain cardiac sedative and tonic. By its use in this disease the irritation and excitability of the vaso-motor nervous system are reduced, the heart's action is ren- dered more quiet and regular, and the arterioles and caj)illaries are dilated. The terminal blood-vessels being now filled, there is a great diminution in the blood-pressure, and at the same time the overdistension of the riglit Alli Uk side of the heart and the congested lung are relieved. Indeed, the patient is actually bled into his own terminal blood-vessels. Although the most pow-er- ful remedy of its class, it is likewise the .safest.| The directions which I give my patients are so simple and explicit that the dullest and most careless nurse can understand and appreciate them. The stated dose — two tablets, two pills, or two teaspoon- fuls — is given at stated intervals until nausea or vomiting ensues, after which one half the dose is to be given. By this simple expedient the full effect of the drug may be obtained in a per- fectly safe manner. Aconite, with an action similar to that of veratrum vi- ride, is preferred by some practitioners.* It is indicated in those cases with a full and hard Price Of Alli pulse and general circula- tory excitement. Under its use the pulse becomes weaker, the skin moist, and the urine free. Potent for good in the earliest stages Alli 120 of the disease, it must be Coupon For Alli discontinued if the heart begins to flag, for it is then no longer useful and may become positively dangerous. The best plan for its administration is to give minute doses at very Alli For Sale short intervals until the desired effect is obtained, after- ward continuing at longer intervals or ceasing its use. Digitalis is also an agent of considerable power in re- ducing the frequency of the cardiac contractions and in making them more regular when they are disturbed in rhythm. It was formerly much employed in the treatment of pneumonic fever, || " but is now discarded as being of very little use," ^ although it continues to have its advo- cates. * Lebert, " Berliner k. Wochen.schr.," Sept. 18, 1871. f See " Southern Med. Jour.," 1850, and other journals. X Guthrie, "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," July 23, 1887, p. 125; McMechan, "Cin. Lancet and Clinic," 1884; Millard, "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," July 23, 1887, p. 126 ; Ringer, "Therapeutics," p. 365 ; Stills, " Nat. Dispensatory," p. 1484 ; Waring, " Therap.," p. Alli Price 600 ; Wood, "U. S. Dispensatory," p. 473. * Achscharnmoff, Reichert's " Archiv," 1866, S. 255 ; Fox, op. cit., p. 312; Keating, "Med. News," April 1, 1882, p. 341; Kinsman, Alli Cost "Ohio Med. Recorder," Alli On Sale Jan., 1881, p. 360 ; Mays, " Therap. Gaz.," April 15, 1885, p. 217 ; Pope, " Lancet," Nov. 26, 1887, p. 1068 ; Ringer, op. cit. ; Routh, "Brit. Med. Assoc. Jour.," June 8, 1855, p. 533; Thudicum, " Lancet," 1887, vol. ii, p. 1068 ; Warner, i/>id., p. 1068 ; et nf. Alli Ireland I Alix, "Bull. gen. de therap.," May 30, 1880; Antonin, " Inaug. Diss.," Bucharest, 1887; Baginsky, " Pneumonic," Wiirzb., 1880, S. 72; Bartholow, "Am. Clin. Alli Shop Lee," New York, Jan., 1876, p. 14; Bleuler, " Inaug. Diss.," Ziirich, 1865 ; Cunning, op. cit. ; Duclos, " Bull. gen. de therap.," t. Ii et Ixii ; Joly, " Rev. med. de Toulouse," July, 1879 ; Kinsman, " Ohio Med. Recorder," Jan., 1881, Alli Canada p. 360; Lebert, " Berliner k. Wochensehr.," Alli In Canada Sept. 4, 1871; Petresco, "Lyon med.," Oct., 1888; Rilliet Alli Coupon et Barthez, op. cit., p. 597 ; Sansom, " Lancet," 1887, vol. ii, p. 1261; Schrotter, " Sitz. d. k. k. Akad. d. Wissensch. zu Wien," Jan., 1870; Thomas, "Arch. d. Heilk.," 1865, S. 329; Traube, " Charitc Ann.," Bd. i, S. 691 ; Wunderlich, " Arch. d. Heilkunde " ; Zienissen, Alli On Line "Pneumonic," Berlin, 1862, S. 287. ^ Brunton, "Therapeutics," Philadelphia, 1885, p. 850. 876 MA'AA.S- riil'JATMENT OF PNEUMONIC h'KVER. |N. Y. Mbi). Jook. In tho Bprinp of 1880 I saw in PoriHiiIlation n boy, five years of njxo, on llic Coupons For Alli tiftli iiciniionic fever. The entire left Iiinj,'\viiM eoHHolidaled and the attacit liad i)eenavory

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