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It will be observed that all the cases, with one excep- tion, are adults, and that the volume of the skulls, with one exception, is reduced. Sommer, in Virchow's " Archiv," vols. Ixxxix and xc, found in the insane that the volume was increased, differ- ing in his records from Gall and Welcker. The cause of this difference in volume must lie either in the increase of the diameters of the skull or in its con- formation. According Order Alesse Online to Virchow, it is in the latter. (See " Entwickelung des Schadelgrundes.") Alesse Generic Brand In the insane Alesse Ocp skull it is the inability to make the measurements conform to any standard rather than that they have any particular measure- ments peculiar to insanity. We have in our cases not only the capacity of the skull affected, but opposite to the hemiplegia a constant decrease in the size and conformation. It is not forgotten by the writer that many normal cases present wide variations in cranial measurements, yet we get at an average which differs from the average in these twenty hemiplegias. Although the number of cases is not great, still, as the re- sults are always the same, it is sufficient to draw the con- clusion Alesse For Acne that congenital or infantile cerebral defect is accom- panied by a corresponding cranial irregularity. Again, in ordinary idiocy, Down has been able to refer the cases of certain types to the lower races, so that in many instances they approach the Mongolian type, even with the characteristic almond-shaped eyes. He finds also, and makes his diagnosis of the congenital origin of this condition rest on the presence of, an abnormally high or cleft palate, a prognathous jaw, etc. Now, in Yaz Vs Alesse tliese twenty cases we find but two with abnormally high palates and prominent jaws. This would lead us to infer, if we agree with the theory of Down, that the cause must have been effective more often at Alesse And Acne birth or in infancy than Purchase Alesse during in- tra-uterine life, and in this I believe the pathology of the disease Alesse Vs Aviane will bear us out. An interesting point to the practitioner then arises, in these cases of one-sided affection of the cerebrum, whether or no, as the disease is one of early life, it is not possible to develop by education the opposite half of the cerebrum, and cause it to take Alesse Mg on the functions of the undeveloped hemisphere. I would certainly try to train the hand Alesse Generics of the opposite side to Alesse Discontinued as great a degree as possible. The kindergarten system of object-teaching should be carefully carried out, and especially should these little pa- tients be thrown in with other children of like age in respect to intelligence. The diet should be rich and nourishing. Much can be done for the paralyzed member to improve its nutrition by massage Alesse Acne and galvanism. TREATMENT OF PNEUMONIC FEYEE. By EDWARD F. WELLS, M. D., LATE PROFESSOR OF MATERIA MEDICA, COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND S0RGEONS, CHICAGO. {Continued from, page Sj^.!.) Believing that calomel acts favorably in pneumonic fever by its destructive action upon the organic cause of the disease, I have employed it by interstitial injection in two cases. Although both these cases recovered and no untoward local effects followed tlie injections, yet the plan does not commend itself to my judgment. This line of treatment has been followed by L6pine,* who uses solutions of corrosive sublimate for his intrapulmonary injections.t Emetics are indicated in adults when the stomach is filled with undigested food. In Alesse Cost infantile cases it Alesse 21 is well to begin the treatment with emetic doses of ipecacuanha, or Alesse Price some more stimulating emetic, unless thorough cmesis lias already occurred. Children vomit easily, and if the stomach is evacuated there is less liability of the Buy Alesse occurrence of con- vulsions. Moreover, the act of vomiting promotes perspira- tion and is usually followed by quiet sleep. Later, when the bronchi are filled with secretions, emetics assist in their evacuation. J * "Med. Rec," Oct. Buy Alesse Online 24, 1885, p. 465, et "Lyon medical," 1887. f See, also, Biggs, "N.Y.Med. Jour.." Aug. 18. 1888, p. 177; Phillips, " Med. Rec," May 1, 1886, p. 501 ; Putnam Jacobi, ihid. ; Ran- some, "Med. Cbronicle," 1887; Smith, Alesse Vs Yaz "Med. Rec," May 1, Aviane Vs Alesse 1886, p. 501 ; "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," May 7, 1887, p. 522; White, "Med. Rec," May 22, 1886, p. 593. \ See Cunning, " Trans, of the Dublin Col.," vol. v. 374 WKLLS: Th'h'ATMh'NT OF VNKUMONIO FKVKli. |N. Y. MkiĀ». Jouu.,

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