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The Moros are the principal consumers of the betel nut as a stimulant-narcotic, although many Filipinos also use it. Opium is largely consumed by the Chinese by smoking, and the Aloros, also, are considerably habituated to its use. The Tagalos, \^isayans, and others of allied tribes manufacture alcoholic liquors of various varieties. One is called "tuba"' and is prepared from the juice obtained from the cocoanut tree. The flower stalk is punctured, and into the incision is inserted a small bamboo tube ; below a larger bamboo vessel is placed ; or the stalk is cut oflF and a bamboo tube fastened below to catch the drippings. The cut end is freshened daily. This is a pleasant beverage, and at first non-intoxicating, but when fermentation takes place it acquires a considerable percentage of alcohol. can i get albendazole over the counter A wine is also obtained from the Nipa palm (Nipa fniticans) which is albenza 400mg distilled through bamboo tubes, the condensing pipe being conducted through a hollow log having a stream of cool water running through it. A brandy is also made from sugar-cane. There is little or no drunkenness among the natives. The Mohammedans are re- strained by mebendazole albendazole over counter their religion and the Filipinos are tem- perate by habit and custom. The practice of obstetrics among the natives is less difficult than it is among races who have modi- fied natural processes by albenza price artificial customs, and little is required to be done among the former than to let unaided nature take its course. As a very general rule, delivery takes place without complications, and I am told that, notwithstanding the neglect of anti- septic precautions, puerperal fever is extremely rare among them. I have questioned several experi- enced natives concerning child-bed fever, but they profess to know nothing about it. The prevention of conception is practised among them, but probably much less than among more buy albenza civilized nations. Abortions are occasionally pro- duced, but, as a very general rule, the natural course of procreation is much less interfered albenza tablets with by native women than by their more refined and fashionable white sisters of Europe and America. To prevent conception it is stated that a mixture of burnt purchase albenza lime and lemon juice is taken. Miscarriages are pro- cured by rough massage generic albenza of the abdomen, and by the administration of a mixture composed of order albenza the leaves of a plant called by them "pandakakay," and the juice of a partly roasted green pineapple. These are boiled together and given twice daily. My in- formant assures me that it is effective. albenza cost Instruments are never used for this purpose, internal remedies August 3, igoi.] HARVEY: NATU'E MEDICAL PRACTICE IN THE PHILIPPINES. 209 •only being relied on. No special precautions are ob- served during the period of pregnancy, as to food, drink, exercise, etc. There are some special kinds of herbs which they gather in the mountains and use locally and as a tea, under the belief that delivery is thereby rendered cheap albenza easier. It is not probable that much benefit is thus derived, although there are em- menagogues and oxytocics known to be in use among the natives, for example, the leaves and oil of the Benne plant {Scsainum indicum), Michelia £ha)npaca, Utex ncgundo, Jasminum sambac, and Morinda citri folia (Taveraj. Expert professional aid is seldom rec|uired by a albenza online Aloro woman in labor. In some villages there are Moro practicantcs who attend, and in most settle- ments there are midwives who officiate. albenza 200 mg The pregnant woman makes it a rule to retire to her bed two weeks, or thereabouts, before confine- ment. They compute the period of gestation at 270 ■days. As to order albenza online the decubitus assumed by Moro and other native women during labor, with a view to facilitate delivery, I am informed that no special position is taken, but the recumb'ent posture is buy cheap albenza usual. No -effort is made to check post-partum hjemorrhage, which is believed to be a salutary process, and is rather encouraged by drinking red wine for from a week to a month, or so long as the flowing continues. Mild stimulants can you buy albendazole over counter are given the woman to revive purchase albenza online her in case of debility. She does not drink anything <:old for forty days, during which time she keeps her bed. This is done under the impression that fever is thereby prevented. Soon after labor, the Moro mother walks to the river and bathes, taking her infant. The placenta is delivered spontaneous- ly or by traction on the cord, and I am informed that retention is uncommon. The cord is tied with a few fibres buy albenza online of abaca (hemp) and severed three to six inches from the body of the child by means of albendazole albenza a bolo,

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