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The naso-bregmatic arc is no prescription abilify below the normal averages in three men and five women, but the average of the eleven men is one millitnetre buy generic abilify online above the normal, and that of the 3(58 PETERSON: OHANIAL MEASl! HEMENTS IN INFANTILE HEMIPLEGIA. [N. V. Mbd. Jouk., vn. -W. H. T., male, aged 27. Right can i buy abilify online hemii)legia VIII.- from infancy ; epilepsy. -F. A. F., male, aged 26. Left hemiplegia from infancy ; epilepsy. rX.— G. T., male, aged 26. Left hemiplegia from infancy ; epilepsy ; cranium proganseum. oiiiht women seven millimetres below. Two women are so low as to bo outside of the physiological variation. can you buy abilify online The bregmato-larabdoid arc is under the normal in five men. The average of the eleven men is below, and buy abilify online no prescription that of the eight women four millimetres above the normal buy abilify 5mg online sexual averages. It is this arc which Benedikt claims is diminished in cases of ordinary epilepsy, buy 2mg abilify online but this probably does not apply to the meta-hemiplegic variety exhibited in buy 20 mg abilify online seventeen of these cases. The binauricular arc is diminished in five men and six women, the total averages c^ each sex being also below the normal standards. Two of the women are under the ex- treme of physiological variation. The antero-posterior diameter is less than the normal averages in eight men and six women, and buy abilify online canada below the physi- ological extreme in one man and one woman. The total average of the eleven men and eight women are below the normal sexual buy abilify online standards. The greatest transverse diameter is below the normal average in all the men and all but one of the women, show- ing the tendency toward leptocephalus, or narrow-headed- ness, in this form of hemiplegia pointed out bv Benedikt. Under the physiological variation are four men and two women, or order abilify no prescription more abilify mg than 30 per cent. As regards the relation of length to breadth, the length- breadth or cephalic index, eight men and six women are be- low the average. Six men and four women are dolicho- cephalic, one man and two women mesaticephalic, and four men and three women brachycephalic. Two abilify prescription program men and one woman exhibit dolichocephaly outside of the physiological variation, while one woman presents pathological brachy- cephaly. Taking the average of the cephalic indices of the nineteen adults, tbey are all below the average brachy- cephalic condition and are mesaticephalic. The binauricular diameter is under the normal stand- ards in all the men and all the women. This being but another transverse diameter, corroborates the result of the measurements of the greatest transverse diameter — viz., the inclination to leptocephalus before mentioned. In four men and six women, or more than 50 per cent., this tendency is so marked that the binauricular diameters are actually out- side of the physiological extremes. The height bregma-x is diminished in three men and pathologically increased in one. Unfortunately, there is no normal female average as yet determined abilify order online with which to compare order generic abilify the women. The facial length is below the average in nine men. We have as yet no statistics as to the normal average in women. April 6, 1889 ] PETERSON: CRANIAL MEASUREMENTS IN INFANTILE HEMIPLEGIA. 369 The empirical greatest height is under normal standards in seven men and seven women, and abilify mg size the total averages di- minished abilify order canada in all nineteen. Two women present pathological minima. There are no accurate data order abilify online canada accumulated as yet with re- gard to abilify prescription coupon normal standards in infancy and youth ; hence the

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